[How to cut thin slices of pork belly]_ practices _ how to make

[How to cut thin slices of pork belly]_ practices _ how to make

In life, many people especially like pork belly, because lean meat tastes harder and does not have any delicious taste, and only eats a lot of fat aunts, which are particularly fatty and special.It is greasy, so eating pork belly is the best choice at this time, because the texture of pork belly is fat but not greasy. So how can pork belly be cut into thin slices?

1, boiled pork belly tricks put white rice in the pot, the amount of water should cover the meat.

Because white rice has starch, it can be cooked by adding pork belly to absorb excess fat from pork belly, making the meat firmer.

After boiling, continue to cook for 20 minutes.

After the pork belly is softened and then put into the pot, it is easier to rot and taste, and shorten the cooking time.

Pork belly should be boiled in water and then boiled for 20 minutes.

Cut after cooling.

Because pork belly has a layer of fat and a thin structure, the whole piece of meat has a loose structure. It is not easy to cut raw meat into thin slices and cut it neatly. If the raw pork belly is scalded and cooked, it is moreEasy to cut.

After the pork belly is boiled, keep the meat in the hot water and wait for it to cool down before cutting.

2. How to cook pork belly without greasy frying: When pork belly is fried, it can force out excess oil, lock the gravy, and add flavor, but pay attention to avoid frying for too long and become dry.

Scorching: Pork belly is scalded with boiling water to remove excess oil, blood, impurities and fishy odor.

Stew with lean meat: Stew with some lean meat to absorb fat and reduce greasy pork belly.

Stir-fry: Stir-fried pork belly with high heat can force the skin fat of pork belly, and then use a paper towel to suck the surface fat, so that pork belly is more crispy and not greasy.

Fire roasting: Pork belly roasted on fire can burn the fine hair and surface oil of pork belly, making pork belly not greasy and more delicious.