“Wow,Qin Feng boss,Are you still recruiting new people??I act very well!Look at my face,It can be an excellent screen!”

Listening to this noisy chirping sound,Qin Feng feels a little bored。
“The dean,Please take care of your students。Too undisciplined?”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,The dean feels dull,Right,What is this mess like?the most important is,Some students don’t listen to school arrangements?Is this a rebellion??
It took another ten minutes,Finally changed a large auditorium classroom for Qin Feng and others,Rao is such a place,It’s hard to accommodate so many people at the same time,So only in batches。
“such,I’m not here to recruit acting students,If you want to be a star, you can go to our company for an interview。But I am definitely not there,I came this time mainly to recruit students who fly airplanes。so,If you can’t even fly,Then you can go back first。No need!”
Qin Feng finished,Then wait for the on-site personnel to leave。
But his words didn’t have much effect,It caused other effects。
“Mr. Qin Feng,Even if you want to fly an airline,You can’t just have pilots in an airport!Also have an aircraft mechanic,Various flight attendants,So those of us are actually useful to you!”Suddenly a student shouted。
“Ok,What you said seems to have some truth。But it’s not important,I just recruit pilots,As for other professionals,I dare not invite your students back。that’s it,Go fast!If I find fish in troubled waters,It will be complicated。Dean,Let your school supervise it,If that happens,I won’t have any cooperation with your school in the future。the most important is,I will also greet other airlines,you know what I mean?”
Seeing Qin Feng speaking with a smile on his face,Many students feel,Is this a demon??No wonder that no excitementanNot business,Look at this ugly face,Capitalists are really ugly!
Some people expressed dissatisfaction with Qin Feng,He left without even teaching the director to speak。
Qin Feng doesn’t care,After all, he really doesn’t worry about what talent he will miss。From the beginning,He didn’t come here to find talent。
To know,Really capable person,Will academic performance really be the end of the car??There is no idiot who can get into college,I shouldn’t be so maverick anymore at this age。Sophomores may still have,But in the senior year,Basically do everything to do internships for work。