“how?You can’t figure it out?”Agou didn’t say anything when he saw Wang Yang,Blocked another sentence。

Hao Jianyang quickly stabbed Wang Yang,Winked at him。
Wang Yang suddenly realized,Gritted his teeth,Tao:“no problem!Of course, no problem!A lot of girls are willing to come out with us,Let’s play together!”
This sentence is out,Wang Yang and Hao Jianyang have no way out,Since they are going to drive a dog,So why do you want to make an appointment with the girls in college?,As for the consequences,The two of them dare not think so much anymore。
I thought of drinking and playing with those educated college students,A Gou suddenly became hot,It’s a bit floating even when walking。
Seeing ahead is the Tree Shadow Cafe,Far away,Hao Jianyang had seen Zhong Liying and Xu Ling lying on the table through the glass window,Two people talking head to head,Looks very intimate。
Hao Jianyang gritted his teeth with anger,One finger over there:“over there!”
Agou looked at the sign of Shuying Coffee,I think this store is quite big,Don’t want to be troublesome,So Shen said:“So many of us go in together,Maybe someone called the police。such,You two go in,Make me mess up,It’s better to let those idiots do it first,Then lead people out,Brothers go up and clean them up。”
Wang Yang and Hao Jianyang looked at each other,Nodded at the same time。
These two settled down,Push the door one after the other and walk into the Tree Shadow Cafe。
have to say,The two school grasses of the Art Department appeared at the same time,still is
Caused a certain visual lethality。
Two big sunny boys who are 1.8 meters tall appear at the same time,It’s hard not to be noticed。
For a time,The guests in the cafe looked up at both of them。
Wang Yang and Hao Jianyang also enjoy the feeling of being noticed,They are condescending,Gaze across the audience,But was surprised to find,Their target person,But didn’t even look up,I didn’t notice them at all。
Lu Menglin said that reading a book is not a joke,He is really very focused and serious,Not harsh,Attention,Anyway, they are also quasi-students with high scores!