Chen Jiannan did not take the lives of these two bird people seriously,When he was playing pirates in Somalia,There are more than a hundred lives under his hands,He was born to be a mess,In a sense,More suitable for this cruel world than Lu Menglin。

Nan Ge is even grateful,Because Lu Menglin gave himself the matter of starting Zhu Xiaoguang,A promise,I told you to help Brother Xiaoguang,Must help to the end。Anyway, there is Lu Menglin behind her back,Even if you really kill these two old things,Hiding back to Myanmar。
Chen Jiannan’s murderous aura was released,Many people present felt it。
Two brothers Zhu Yanshou and Zhu Yanping bear the brunt,also
How can I not feel it。
“I apologize!Do not kill me!I’m guilty!I surrendered,Let the law judge me!”Zhu Yanshou’s inspiration,He pulled his throat and made a scream like a pig。
Zhu Yanping didn’t last long either,Face flushed,Vibrato:“Zhu Xiaoguang,I’m sorry to your dad!I wronged him to embezzle public funds,Just to grab his minerals,I am guilty too!”
These two brothers wanted to survive,Finally told the old things in public,There was an uproar in the audience。
Zhu Yande was anxious on the sidelines,But I dare not step forward to stop,I just know to let these two guys go on,Zhu’s reputation is completely ruined。
“The evidence?How to accept the trial of the law without evidence?Let’s do it for Tianxingdao。”Lu Menglin smiled and asked。
Chen Jiannan nodded,A look of approval,Then raised the big fist of sand bowl。
“do not!hero,Don’t do it!There is evidence,I have evidence!”Zhu Yanshou saw the murderous look of Brother Nan,So scared to be green,Hurriedly shouted。