“It turned out to be a private army headed by a group of swordsmen,Since your Bronze Sword Army is great,How do you occupy the magpie’s nest?,Isn’t it good to attack a city by yourself as a resident??”Zhu Minglang said to Zhu Weicai, the general of the bronze sword army。

“Things like Champa,We haven’t done it,Can hit the city easily,Guan Cheng Nan,There is no city that can survive debts under the management of our bronze sword army,Too many times,We all know,We are the material for fighting and killing,Know nothing else!”Zhu Weicai, the general of the bronze sword army, is also honest。
“Then there is nothing in Runyu City,Why not dominate here?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Didn’t you hear that the Sanglong appeared again?,Our bronze sword army is here to wait and see,A complete corpse of a mourning dragon can sell for thousands of gold,High-level ones can sell tens of thousands……”
“head,Are you asking why he drove us out of the city??”At this moment,A teenager next to Zhu Weicai reminded the general in a low voice。
“Correct,I’m telling you what this guy is doing,You are the new lord of this city?”Zhu Weicai said。
“This is the city deed,At noon,I will issue the first order,Expel all armed forces。You Bronze Sword Army can go early to camp outside the city,Lest brothers get cold at night。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Humph,Holding chicken feathers as an arrow,You can give your order,When the time comes, you can see if our brass sword army can move or not.!”Zhu Weicai showed his disdain again。
“Where is your camp?”Li Yunzi asked。
“Just by the ruined market,Do you want to visit the majesty of our barracks?。”Zhu Weicai of the Bronze Sword Army said。
“OK,Show us。”Zhu Minglang laughed。
Follow these in bronze helmets,Soldiers wearing bronze knives walked towards their camp。
This brass sword army,Directly occupied a large area of mansion,And the most important markets、street、The business area has been transformed into their military camp,Huge traffic arteries,Became a training place for their soldiers。
at this time,Thousands of people are divided into several brigade,Is rehearsing in the city as the main road of transportation,Looks like the regular army of some countries,Even because of the existence of mortals and sword masters,The momentum is much stronger。
“Don’t you have a dragon shepherd??”Zhu Minglang asked。
Most armies will recruit Dragon Shepherds,The Dragon Herd is the most powerful aid in the war,And many fierce dragon beasts are also killing machines on the battlefield!