“Big brother!They should have been prepared long ago,Returned from the same way,Just look at the gap on the wall“Another voice continued。

The courtyard door opened with a creak,I just listened to who just said with a sigh:“Over one million!This is the first time this kind of thing happened here,You said that as soon as it spreads,Who dare to come to us?“
“Big brother!We are not entirely to blame for this。Which African guy knows best,You say a big table,Why only look for him,And it seems to be good for people to take money,Too much and don’t,What does this show?“Another voice analyzed。
“Yes brother!This should be the enemy of the African guy,Not only do we take no responsibility for him,Instead, I need him to settle accounts。Ask him why the couple can find him?“A hoarse voice said with a smile。
Quiet for a while in the courtyard,I just heard who was called the big brother coughed twice and said:“We can only put the blame on the African guys for this,But the two people watching the gate of the small courtyard must be punished,Otherwise, the brothers will not accept“
“Those two boys already knew they were wrong,There are still people looking for people in the orchard“Said another husky man。
The voice in the small courtyard was quiet for a while,Which big brother took a breath and said:“It’s late,All the big guys withdraw!Lock this ghost place,After three days, everyone waits for my phone to come out to do something“
This person’s voice fell off,With the messy footsteps,More than a dozen black shadows are gradually gone。
Lu Ying took a long breath and said:“We can now swagger out through the gate“
“Do not!Don’t be careless。If they just played a scene for the two of us,That would be a big trouble。Not only can we not walk through the gate,I can’t go back from where I just came in“Xia Jian said very firmly。
Lu Ying was taken aback,Then asked:“Where do we go out?If it’s like what you said,They will stay there until dawn,When is it,It’s hard for us to go out。Besides, you can’t call the police“
“Ok!you’re right。Now our contradiction has changed direction,It turned out to be Kofi the eight king egg,Now it’s an underground casino。This group is even more difficult to deal with,So we must not meet them again,Must leave here before dawn“Xia Jian stood up quietly,He moved his legs, squatting a little numb。
Lu Ying smiled,Asked quietly:“It seems you have a good idea?“
“It’s over one o’clock,After two o’clock,Which pliers shall we find?,Then go up the wall from the westernmost side of the orchard,Then cut a gap,Where to get it out“Xia Jian let out a long breath。
Lu Ying smiled in the dark:“You are so talented,I don’t believe they would think of this way“