Still a drop in the bucket。

Not comparable at all!
Jiang Wan’er is worried about Hu Yili,Disagree。
her“Androphobia”Not cured yet!
Fang Yu,Really a good candidate!
And at this moment。
Fang Yu at the entrance of the hospital。
Was stopped by Shi Chen……
First33chapter People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong!
“What’s the problem?”
Fang Yu looked at Shi Chen who looked like a stone,Asked questioningly。
“Of course there is a problem……you and,Jiang Waner,What is the relationship?”Shi Chen questioned。
“Relationship between patient and doctor……wrong,Why should I tell you?who are you!”
Fang Yu wondered。
This guy,Come uninvited!
“I’m for your good……this is my name card!Don’t even think about eating swan meat……Miss Jiang,But not someone you can catch up!”
Shi Chen sneered。
“Yongyun Group……Shi Chen!”
Fang Yu seems to have thought of something。