Su Xiaoli:“lie,I do not believe,Men like beauties,Beauties like handsome guys,This is the unchanging truth between heaven and earth,You are dishonest!”

Wei Ying:“What’s wrong with dishonesty,True love only needs one person!”
Li Feifei:“All right,Only a few of us,Why is it going to split up?,We are sisters of the same camp。And the team has a real goddess,Feeling stressed!”
He Weilan:“What are you afraid of,We still have real vixen!”
Su Xiaoli:“Yes,And me,As long as sister I’m out,These are the three men who can’t get out of my palm!”
Li Feifei:“I am more curious,Why don’t you comment on Master Yi!”
“Old change~state!”
Chapter Ninety Six A team of women
Lena’s room
“I go,Lena, what’s going on in this room?,Why has it changed so much,It’s not that they are all small single rooms,Why you are so special!”Qilin looked like the layout of the princess’ room,Can’t help feeling sad for myself!
Rui Mengmeng looked at Qiangwei,And sit there obediently。
“Cute,What do you want to say,Even though,Speak freely,We are all sisters,What are you afraid of!”
“I think it’s not so good.!”Rui Mengmeng glanced at Qiang Wei again,Then asked。
This look,Made Qiangwei depressed“This has nothing to do with me,Besides, the rooms around here are average,And the room where I saw Lena two days ago was about the same size,Why is it so special today,Is it black technology!”
“Yes,In your words,Black technology,Lieyangxing latest technology,Space extender,As long as these corners are arranged separately,Then you can expand the space,Isn’t it awesome?!”After Lena casually explained,Then continue to speak:“All right,What do those women in the second team think now,You should know,We should also consider a countermeasure!”
rose:“First of all, we must guarantee one thing,Qilin’s positioning,Just now I heard He Weilan say to leave him with Cheng Yaowen,In this case,Does she have no conflicts?!”
Rui Mengmeng:“I have no conflicts either,You like men,I am still young!”
Lena:“Cute,You are not young anymore,If you look for it now,Prepare first,Otherwise, you won’t find out until you grow up,No more suitable,This will make you regret it for life。”