Want to be here,Gaia no longer defends,But brazenly launched an attack。

He put the staff in his hand to the ground for a while,A powerful wave of energy spreads instantly,Spread out,It happened to envelop his opponent Wu Hao and himself。
Followed by,Everyone saw the white robe of the great priest Gaia flying,Like a flying fairy,Tap your toes on the staff,Then the whole person disappeared。
Next second,The Great Priest Gaia appeared on Wu Hao’s head without warning,unarmed,Slap。
He appeared so weird,Almost instantly across the space,Attack with teleportation,Overwhelming!
“Divine realm?”Among the crowd,The knowledgeable master recognized the techniques used by the Gaia priest,Can’t help but exclaim。
“Divine realm,It’s really the realm of God time!Master Wuhao is in trouble!”
“This is the exclusive skill of His Majesty the Pope,It’s an invincible skill!”
The wealthy children around,Everyone has good eyesight,for“Divine realm”This famous magic,How can I not recognize it?!
Even if you haven’t seen one,I’ve definitely heard the reputation of this magical skill!
This is an exclusive skill that only His Majesty the Pope of the Bright Dragon Temple can practice,It is also the treasure of the temple,The terrible power of blocking space and breaking time,Is the most mysterious,It is also one of the most difficult magic skills to defend。
The field has been,All are the ultimate realm pursued by the strongest of the gods,Only success creates its own field,Change the fighting environment as you like,To be named the strongest。
And the original Xeon,His Majesty the Pope of the Bright Dragon Temple,After the martial arts strongest,Most of it is based on His Majesty the Pope“Divine realm”,I realized the power of my own domain。