“Can we go?”Qiao Anan watched Wang Mingyang stop talking,Just say。

Wang Mingyang looked at the iceberg beauty in front of him,I finally fell in love with a woman,How could she let her go easily。
Since she doesn’t know each other,So why does Wang Mingyang imitate the Qiao family owner many years ago?,Everything else is redundant,The most real thing is only if you hold the beauty in your arms。
Thought of here,Wang Mingyang’s eyes were taken aback,Said:“Want to go?Either Miss An An, you stay,Either I abolished this man,Then Miss An An, you stay!Choose one!”
A group of brothers under Wang Mingyang heard this,It’s useless Wang Mingyang told,Just one by one,Ready to fight at any time。
Correct,This is what they said is the familiar leader of the crazy wolf gang, Wang Mingyang!
Qiao Anan hid behind Xiao Fan,Asked:“Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan,How to do?I am afraid!”
Xiao Fan rubbed his eyebrows,Said:“I told you that you can’t solve it,You have to be ahead of you,Are you irritated now?!”
“you,what are you doing?”Wang Mingyang couldn’t believe it,I was still looking at them triumphantly,But what is hanging around my neck now?
Chapter Eighty One revenge,are you ready?
Qiao An’an also had an expression of disbelief!
Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan, he was still talking to himself just now,Why did you suddenly reach Wang Mingyang’s side。
How did he get there?
Not only Qiao Anan can’t figure out this problem,Even Wang Mingyang can’t figure it out,He thinks he has good skills,At least the ash in the entire East China Province**Domain,He has not found an opponent。
But he didn’t even find out when Xiao Fan started activities,Nor did he find out when Xiao Fan held a knife on his neck。