“His weapon is in my collection!”

A large group of insects,More than thirty。Among them, one-third of the insects are comparable to the half-step world god,There is even a worm’s body that can be comparable to the real world。
Li Ming faces the siege,But not afraid,Blue and white mist runs through the body。
Among these insects,The one with the strongest strength is not as strong as himself。
But on the mysterious tricks,The insects are stupid,Li Ming is close to the world!
More than three hundred insects besieged,Li Ming is really not afraid。
Only hands,Hand held【Hunyuan Cave Sky Spear】Protect the whole body。
Gun stab,Marksmanship,The body of a huge Evil Eyeworm with huge eyes and eight tentacles exploded,The tip of the gun penetrated its body,The more concussive force directly tore the evil eye bug。
Gun turn,Like a dragon,Flip and slash it on a body covered with hard scales like a lizard,The lizard, the beast, twists its body and wants to relieve its strength,However, the moment Li Ming shot the spear in front of the lizard insect,Endless life turned into death,Infiltrate the lizard bug,Kill its soul。
Shot,The sharp edge formed by the tip of the gun has drawn a dark mark across the void in the cave,Dexterous,The eight-winged ape-headed beast was cut in half。
The ape-headed beast that was chopped in half has not fallen immediately,But still let out a crazy roar,Li Ming got another shot,A shot from the front shattered the body of the beast。
“not enough,These insects are not giving me enough pressure!”There are 3,600 drops of blue and white mist in Li Ming’s body,In order for Li Ming to cultivate these blue and white mists,It even consumes the mana in the body thousands of times。
So much blue and white mist,Even if Li Ming is fully capable of fighting for hundreds of years。
“Pressure is not enough,not enough!”Li Ming frowned。
Only twenty interest time,More than three hundred insects and beasts were slaughtered by him。