“Leo,What are you talking nonsense,hurry up!I want to ride a monster!”

Leo is not in a hurry:“Charl Rose St,How about I trade an obedient monster for your guard?”
Charles Rose puzzled:“What do you want him to do?”
“I want to feed the monster with him!”Leo smiled,It’s just the words that make the black guard’s body tremble。
Charles Roth heard Leo’s words,Immediately clapped and applauded。
“Yep,Feed him to the monster,Try if the monster is really obedient!”
The black guard shook his body,Almost didn’t fall Charl Rose。
Charroth, who felt the shaking, immediately raised his foot to greet the face of the black guard。
“Who made you shake,Who made you shake……”
Every time,Charl Rose will kick the black guard severely。
Although sitting on the black guard,Unable to exert force,But don’t delay Charroth greeted the face of the black guard with his feet。
“Do you know that I almost fell!Damn thing,I’ll feed you the monster later!”
Leo watched Charles Roth violently attack the black guard,Just smile,The dog bites the dog,Raccoon dog。