Xia Jian said quickly:“Three or four days!”

“what?Just three or four days,There is too little!How about ten days at least?”Wona laughed and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Register for four days first!If I have to live later,How about”
The woman smiled sweetly:“Can also,But the rooms in this courtyard are already full,Only the suite upstairs,The price is a bit expensive,But the conditions and environment have nothing to say”
“Oh!How much do you get for one night”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。Since they said it’s a little expensive,He has to figure it out,Although he is not short of money now,But he doesn’t want to pay for the wrong money。
The woman smiled and said:“Because you live for a short time,Bad offer,Give 300 yuan per night!If more than ten days,We can give you another discount”
Three hundred yuan is not expensive,I don’t know what the conditions in this room are,Xia Jian thought about it:“I can accept the price,But I have to look at this room first,Is it really as good as you said”
A few people went upstairs with a smile,The moment I opened the door,Xia Jian was a little stunned,A floor-to-ceiling glass wall,Because the curtain is pulled to both sides,You can see the verdant trees at a glance,And the birds flying around。It’s like living in the woods,Xia Jian really likes it。
First0429chapter Encounter Bar
Look at the soft Simmons bed,And the white quilt on the bed。Teana coffee table,sand,A lot of the same,And the arrangement of the pieces is quite elegant and generous。
“it is good!Just live here”Xia Jian said,Threw the small bag on the back on the sand。