Song Fang glanced at Ma Xiaofeng,A little arrogant:“My name is Song Fang,Married to Xiping Village,I’m divorced now,But my account is still here。So this election,I have the right to vote for me“

“OK!Please consider carefully,Your vote is very important“Secretary Wang smiled and said。
Song Fang didn’t speak anymore,But took a vote from Ma Xiaofeng,Took out a pen and wrote a few words,And handed it to the teller。
“Zhao Hongyi vote“The voter raised his voice and shouted。
The audience is boiling,Because of Song Fang’s vital vote。Zhao Hong was elected as the deputy head of Xiping Village。
This result is actually what the people of Xiping Village wanted,Although someone voted for Wang Youcai when voting just now,That’s because of the influence of external factors。Zhao Hong was elected,These people also cheered。
Wang Youcai never thought,When I was about to become the deputy head of Xiping Village,This Song Fang did come out like a ghost 。Her vote,Wang Youcai almost scolded his mother on the spot。
Chen Gui and Wang Laowai, who engaged in activities for him beforehand,Wang Youcai lost the election,The two ran away early,Because the two of them didn’t do it well。
Ma Xiaofeng reluctantly announced the election results in public,Secretary Wang’s old face also has a smile,I can see that he is very satisfied with this election。
At the request of many villagers,Xia Jian delivered a brief speech on the spot,And in front of the villagers and town government leaders,Xia Jian formed the leadership of the village committee。
Chen Erniu nominated by him、Xia Sanhu,And Mo Yan,The three of them were passed by the villagers with their hands up。Zhao Hong mentioned some newcomers,Qiao Dongping、Ma Yan、Zhu Chunli。These three are all college students,And have certain social experience,So when Zhao Hong proposed,Everyone passed again。
When all this is over,It’s dark。The street lights in the village are also lit up,But the villagers are still very happy。Although a small number of people left,But most of them are still。This is not the case in previous meetings。
After the meeting,Ma Xiaofeng’s face is gloomy,Without saying a word, she took two other young people to Santana, which was parked in the yard of the village committee.。