Zhu Minglang looked at him,But no sound。

This person is the young city lord,Zheng Yu。
Zheng Yu stood in front of Zhu Minglang,Keep bowing,This made Zhu Minglang think of something for a while,Look alert,And plan to let Bai Qi make a move at any time。
“I heard Brother Zhu has gone to the upper reaches of the valley,Did Brother Zhu ever see the dike??”Zheng Yu then asked。
“Saw it。”Zhu Minglang is ready。
“But I have to inform Master Duan Lan and Master Ke Bei?”Zheng Yu asked again,The tone remains the same。
“What do you say straight。”Zhu Minglang is ready to do it。
“Brother Zhu and don’t get me wrong,Zheng Yu is just a weak scholar,Don’t understand the way of animal husbandry,And don’t have any bad thoughts towards Brother Zhu,Just before Brother Zhu wants to tell the two teachers,Can you listen to the next few sentences,If Brother Zhu still wants to tell the public about my scandal about Zheng Yu,Inform the teacher,I will never stop,And willing to be punished。”Zheng Yu got up,With a bit of sincerity on his face。
Zhu Minglang glanced at the sky。
It was cloudless just now,At this moment, there is already black group covering,I don’t know if the weather changes again,It’s still teacher Duan Lan’s Canglong Profound Technique already being used。
Not so hot,But it was a little dull at first。
“The lord, please tell。”I wish Minglang in no hurry,Everybody talks to this point。
“Brother Zhu,Can you know Wutu,But you know that the soldiers are fighting with the mobs fifty miles away?”Zheng Yu said。
“know。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
Wutu,I have my own good memories there……Good memories of growing mulberry trees and raising silkworms。
“I Guanzhu brother is also a wise man,How does Brother Zhu think about this war??”Zheng Yu asked。
“I just listen to you。”I wish Minglang lightly said,But I still have a different view of Zheng Yu。
This person is disgusting,No problem with eyes,It’s so different from a small vendor in Qiaotou。