Xia Jian saw that this woman was really troublesome,He couldn’t help but speed up two steps,Just walked out of Wang Youcai’s gate,Then a black figure rushed up,Don’t wait for him to react,This dark shadow has set him up,Help him go forward。

“I know you will die when you see the wine,You can drink her wine”It’s Zhao Hong’s complaining voice。Xia Jian still wants to argue,But he only feels like he is flying in the clouds,I don’t have any strength at all。
At this moment,The sound of fireworks exploding in the air was heard densely in Xiping Village,Xia Jian murmured:“Time to burn incense,I’m going to shoot”
Finished saying this,He doesn’t know anything,When he wakes up,He found himself lying naked in a woman’s soft arms,He couldn’t help but remember the scene in the courtyard of Wang Youcai’s house last night。Is this woman Xu Lihong?It’s over now。
When Xia Jian was about to stand up,Just listen to Zhao Hong ask softly:“you’re awake?Still uncomfortable?”It’s Zhao Hong’s voice,Only then did Xia Jian let go of the heart he was holding。
Only then did he discover,I used to sleep on Zhao Hong’s big kang,It’s just that the sky is bright。A few gleams of light came in through the crack in the door。
“Get up soon!Today is New Year’s Day!”Xia Jian thoughtfully turned over and sat up。Zhao Hong pressed him to lie down,Don’t let him get up。
“It’s snowing outside,What are you doing so early?Lie down for a while!and also,Did you fall into Wang Youcai’s beauty plan last night?,How can I smell perfume on my body?”Zhao Hong asked softly。
First1007chapter Uninvited guests on New Year’s Day
Sometimes things in this world don’t need much explanation。
Xia Jian did not directly answer Zhao Hong’s question,But sat up and said:“No way!Today is the first day of the new year,We have to go early to sweep the snow,Otherwise parents will be angry“
“it is good!Then you hurry over,I’ll come back later,Or be gossiped by the villagers“When Zhao Hong said this,I lowered my head shyly,After all she is a woman。
Xia Jian looked at Zhao Hong,Can’t help but lower her head and kiss her on the cheek,Then he hurriedly dressed and went down to the kang。The yard is already white,Goose feather-like heavy snow is falling,Really a good bald。
Xia Jian opened the door of Zhao Hong’s house,Take a look outside first,Then I walked out quietly。The alley has been cleaned by the early neighbor,But now,It’s snow white again。
When Xia Jian walked into the gate,The Spring Festival Gala rebroadcasted on TV is ringing in his yard。I caught two drinks last night,Didn’t even watch the party。
The smell of meat wafted out of the kitchen,Sun Yuejuan is busy。Hear the footsteps in the yard,Xia Zecheng shouted:“Hurry up and burn incense at the Caishen Temple,Put two more firecrackers in the yard,There is no festive atmosphere for this great New Year“
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurry up。Finished firecrackers,He walked towards the Temple of Wealth on the snow。Although the snow is heavy,But almost all the villagers are up。Someone is cleaning the lane,Someone like Xia Jian,Only then hurried to the Temple of Caishen。A new year begins,Everyone wants to have a good bald head in the coming year。
When Xia Jian went up,The temple of Caishen is already filled with smoke,Incense is booming。He got incense,And burned some gold dollars,Then I lit a big salute I brought。Bang,Means the new year is about to start again。