No one point。

White eyebrows,The heart is confused that the old monster invaded the time of the murder.,Some deviations with the number of collections he countd on.,I don’t have hesitation,Pitch,Hao Tianji is full of radiology,Decompose the spring magic,Put it into a slag。
at this time,A shot of blood,Blinking an eye outside the hundred miles。
“Humph,I know that you still have a backhand.。”
White eyebrow,Heart doubts,Run your hand to throw the sky with the cloud,A bunch of supersight,Hill with a spider silk,Chasing the nuquet。
More than 300 swords,Follow the sky to sleep in a cliff,There is Tianzhifa Shuangjian holder Li Yingqi、The long space is unreasonable to divide the sword,Tianlei hooked fire,Fried deep valley。
Tianlei double sword is the Tianji Jian and Lei Yanjian,Is the treasure of the mountain town,Every handle is powerful,After the mix, there is also the power of change.。
Tactical interspersular in general disciples,This two swords brought to Laozi-fried moats,In addition to extreme requirements for users,Non-hosted male prostitutes,The premise of combining is also very harsh,The owner of the two swords is required to communicate,Love each other。
Current progress,Li Yingqi and the long space are impossible to go to the sword from the small repair,Mutual love,It is the fairy monk who is envious of the 嵋,Although I haven’t tried two swords,But I have already launched a two-person plan.。
Let’s talk about the other side,White eyebrows are laid away from the sky,Left and right follow the Master of the Master Brother,And Kunlun Union Miao Xuan Tianzong。
After the latter landed,Instantly pay attention to the Tianji Sword Holder Li Yingqi,The magic weapon is even more gently,Made Li Yingqi induced。
Xuan Tianzong breathing,Two hundred years ago,Before the napper,Master is a moon, Jinhe, will pay attention to him.,Indicates that the robbery will,Future a day,The moon gold wheel will find himself with Xuan Tianzong。
found it,Li Yingqi’s eyebrows are diligently identify salmon,Naihe temperament,Let Xuan Tianzong want to get close,There is also a very embarrassment。
Unfounded,Master’s transition,There is a kind of eyebrows,You 侬 侬。
Xuan Tianzong’s loss,It is because of the tradition of Kunlun Poles.,Sun and moon,Generation single biography,I have always been a teacher,A man and a woman。
And because of the sake of yin yang,Mainly the pit of the practice,Yin and Yang, can’t help but help,Per generation,The apprentice will fall in love with Master,Master
Master who loves yourself。
In other words,Xuan Tianzong loves his own master,And I have a nothing to do,I can’t forget my Master.,I don’t know the love of apprentice Xuan Tianzong.。
it’s good now,I became Li Yingqi,No reason,Xuan Tianzong’s chance has come。
Can be biased
Golden jade girl looking at the sword,Xuan Tianzong is quite a taste,For two hundred years,Only he is single。
Good for two hundred years of loneliness,Xuan Tianzong did not say anything,Silently blessed Li Yingqi a few words,Place your attention in looking for a strange。
Shocking,Li Yingqi discovered the Xuan Tianzong around the white eyebrow.,I only feel very eye,It seems to have met。
And the lonely proud of the Xuan Tianzong,Also made her very yearn,I want to understand this mysterious man.。
Agency,Li Yingqi shook his head to disperse the heart,Murder,Dare to see Xuan Tianzong again,Change to it, I can’t stare at the long space.。
Recalling the two people,Li Yingqi can’t help but laugh,Warm and happy,It quickly pressed a slice of Xuan Tianzong。
The sky is not unaware,See Li Yingqi loves to love,Back to a smile。
Mean,Time,He also questioned that he and Li Yingqi’s feelings were brothers and sisters or a couple.,Look at it,It is what he thinks too much.,Swords should be stable。
Character relationship is very complicated,Constantly,Be more chaotic。
But everyone is an adult,Know what can do,What can’t be done?,Therefore, the drip on the surface is not leaking.,Everything is deeply buried in the heart。