She didn’t want to think about it before.,But Han is here to say,She feels really not possible。

After all, Li took the wind without Li Wu Tian.,A deep background,And Li Anti-style is a little higher climbing like this.。
“OK, you,I haven’t considered this before.,You are thinking about it now.,sure。”
Say,Two people also got in。
Li Rong followed Han Shanshan on the third floor,Then Han Shanshan gave him a better room.。
“Baffle,You stay here tonight.,The bathroom is all available。”
Li Hui also looked at the dress of a girl’s style.,It’s also curious.。
“Big squad leader,This will not be your boudoir.?”
I asked by Li Hui Feng.,Han Shanshan’s pretty face is also slightly red,But immediately recovery。
“Let you live,Where so much nonsense。”
Say,Han Shanshan is going to leave。
Just haven’t waited for her.,But I was pulled by Li Hui.。
Suddenly pulled by Li Hui,Han Shanshan is in the heart,Even some fear of Li Hui Hui will not want to have ideas in her family.。
“Big squad leader,I have the two jade bottles, you can let your parents drink less.,It belongs to the kind of tea that you take.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng is also fast released.。
Han Shanshan is also forgotten for some time.,I widened my eyes and looked at Li.。
How did she not think that Li Hui’s first gift is this kind of invaluable treasure。
She knows that things in clear,The second development of her chest is because Li Hui said the medicine.。
“Why don’t you say it?,I will go to see my parents.。”
Looking at Han Shanshan’s hurriedly,Li Hui is also a little funny.。
Han Shanshan is also a room that is the second floor of his parents.。
At this time, Han’s 理 白 晓 月 is a jade bottle that Li Hui Feng sent.,Two people have tasted a bite,It feels like a cool spring water.,Just drinking a little fever,Besides,They have no feelings.。
“Old Han,Do you say that Xiao Li this child gives this thing really really effective??”
“I do not know either,Anyway, I feel that there is no.,Try it without all drink?”
Just when the two are ready to drink,Also heard the knock on the door of the door。
“Do not lock the door,come in。”
Han Shanshan pushed the door to see that his parents sat in the bed and took a jade bottle.,The jade bottle has already opened it.。
Immediately surprised road:“dad,mom,You won’t really drink it all.?”
“Forehead,what happened?”
Han is a bit wondering from Han Shanshan。
Han Shanshan is rushing up,Directly won the jade bottle directly from Han,It is also loose tone when I see it in the jade bottle.。
“dad,mom,You will prepare your winter tonight tonight.。”
What does this mean??”
Bai Xiaoyue is also a bit wonderful looking at your daughter.。
Chapter 723
“What else can you do?,Li Hui said with the wind.,Let you drink a drop at a time.,You have to drink half a bottle,Anyway, if you feel that your body is hot, you can put it in your bath.,You will definitely be surprised tomorrow.,But don’t expose the reason for Li Hui Feng.。”
“After all, this thing is really a bit against the sky.,I go first,You will slowly enjoy it with my dad.。”
Han Shanshan said it was also gone.。