On such occasion,Xia Jian has no temper at all because of this woman。Confucius said“Only villains and women are hard to raise!”Only then did Xia Jian understand the profound meaning of the old man’s words。

Just when Xia Jianzheng felt embarrassed,Guan Tingna turned around,Smile at Zhou Li。She suddenly lowered her voice and said:“Let me tell you!Between us is an improper relationship between men and women,Are you satisfied now!”
“Shameless!”Zhou Li’s face changed,Walk away。
Guan Tingna couldn’t help laughing.。Xia Jian pushed Guan Tingna,A little unhappy to say:“What do you mean,Do you watch me make fun?”
“okay,What’s the fun to watch。Isn’t she just trying to humiliate us being together is an improper relationship??I might as well admit it myself,Is she not recruited?”Guan Tingna said,Helplessly shook his head。
The rice noodles over the bridge came up,Guan Tingna ate very happy。But Xia Jian’s mouth didn’t taste at all。One is that he is not interested in this kind of stuff,The second is Zhou Li’s sudden appearance,Made him feel extremely uncomfortable。It feels like I suddenly ate a mouse shit while eating。
Finished eating,Guan Tingna felt upset when she saw Xia Jian,Then I went home with him。Living room,Lin Ruoyun is talking to Guan Nan,When she saw Xia Jian and Guan Tingna were back。
She asked with a smile:“Have you bought all the clothes?!”
“Bought,Just bought a little too much”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。
Lin Ruoyun laughed and said:“Can buy more clothes?not much,Keep it and wear it slowly!Tell you,Our ticket is booked at nine o’clock tomorrow morning。You have to rest early in the evening,Get up early tomorrow”
“You don’t need to worry about this。Still think we will arrive tomorrowTcountry,Where to start this matter。Everything is easy at home,But it’s hard to say when abroad”Guan Tingna frowned,Said impatiently。
This makes Lin Ruoyun very faceless,Just a woman like her,Highly accomplished,She is not angry,But he said with a smile:“Tingna is very reasonable,You just came back,Let’s discuss it with everyone!”
“What can we discuss with this?TWe don’t know anything about the company,So it’s up to you to decide,Think about what to do,Notify us to execute。Tired of shopping,We have to rest for a while”Guan Tingna said,Xia Jian is going upstairs。
Guan Nan’s face is very ugly,But he did not have an episode。Xia Jian was extremely embarrassed by Guan Tingna’s attitude,He smiled at Lin Ruoyun and said:“Once you have discussed this, let us know”
“Good good!Go upstairs and rest!”Lin Ruoyun smiled sweetly at Xia Jian,She is self-confident,Otherwise such a scene,Really embarrassing。
In the room,Guan Tingna fell on the bed a little impatiently。She took a breath and said:“Really exhausted,You lie down!Broad daylight,I won’t eat you anyway”
Xia Jian did not speak,But sitting on the sofa。He whispered:“You can no longer have such an attitude towards Lin Ruoyun,Otherwise I really can’t get along with you”
“Yo!What do you mean?Are you also fascinated by this woman??”Guan Tingna said,Turned his face aside。
Xia Jianhuo,He said loudly:“What are you talking about?Anyway she,Also your father’s wife。Whether you admit it or not,But the facts are here。You treat her like this,It’s like adding to your dad’s heart,Don’t you understand such a simple thing?”
“I know,But you don’t understand my mood。I saw this woman,I just think of my mother。You said how you told me to treat her well”Guan Tingna stood up,A little furious。