“do not move!”‘Perish’Suddenly there was a loud roar,Another palm slaps on the mask,The power of this palm is greater than before,Li Tianchou was shaken by the sea of knowledge rolling,The body has also received damage,Almost spitting out old blood,But my heart suddenly brightened。

The first thousand and thirty-two chapters Prisoner of the small world
Realized that I was too impatient before,Li Tianchou didn’t move at all,Only a very unsearchable thread stretched out from the divine consciousness to keep in touch with the chaotic power of the light mask,Then fell asleep while healing the trauma。
This sleep,It seems a long time has passed,Completely let go,The dim bubbles gradually restored their luster,As substance,There are milky white flocculent clouds circulating slowly on the surface,The mask is getting brighter,The characters above are more prominent,Very clear,Even the textures that make up the characters can be seen effortlessly,And these textures are finer characters,But it’s easier,But the arrangement is much more complicated。
“That’s it。”‘Perish’Praise,Characters like this,He has seen a lot,Can be so simple,It’s the first time I saw a character that shows extremely complicated truth,And make up the texture of the smaller characters,Actually still characters,It’s just getting simpler,Getting smaller,So small that the naked eye can no longer tell,Even great magicians can’t see through。
I don’t know how long I went,‘Perish’Have seen the fifth layer of texture,The consumption of mental power is extremely huge,The horror in my heart is hard to describe,He believes there is a sixth layer,Even the seventh floor,But with extreme vision and mental power,But can no longer see through,Anxiously scratching his head。
Actually when I saw the third floor,‘Perish’There is an epiphany,The bottleneck encountered in cultivating a certain magical power in the past,Troubled him for a long time,Now it’s a natural solution,Can’t help but overjoy。
Chaos is the root of everything,Is the root of primitive chaos,It also represents the lowest level rules,All the orders and laws of the world have evolved from the lowest-level rules,So with‘Perish’The annihilation of supernatural power does not contradict,Even has evolutionary and guiding significance,Any great magician has the experience of touching the rules,But understand how much,It’s all about understanding and aptitude,‘Perish’The comprehension ability is terrifying。
At the moment‘Perish’Look weird,Once the big bottleneck is resolved,It is possible for him to clear the obstacles in the realm ahead,Very likely to see the way to the threshold of the Mighty,To further touch and understand the power of rules,He believes that if you see through the sixth layer of texture,Will be a great help to him in clearing obstacles,Even blast like before,It will happen,This is undoubtedly a great temptation,But did Li Xiucheng really sleep??
Really fell asleep,‘Perish’After repeated confirmation,With a positive answer,He can completely break open the mask and the bubbles behind,Then use heavy tactics to beat the disabled Li Tianchou,Then slowly extract the mixed power in his body。
but‘Perish’Dare not do this,Once you destroy these very alluring runes,I’m afraid he will never see it again,after all,Slowly digest the chaotic power in Li Tianchou’s body, don’t know what kind of risk he will encounter,Once something goes wrong,Need to thoroughly understand these runes to solve,Then it’s not working every day。
Strange,If these runes don’t continue to be studied,,Just leave the mask for a moment,‘Perish’What’s in his mind will fade away soon,Even disappear,But the previous understanding and breakthrough of the bottleneck are real,Very irritating,This is more tickling than a fishing hook。
Weigh again and again,‘Perish’The courage suddenly became much smaller,He firmly believes that his realm will be improved qualitatively after seeing the sixth layer.,When the time comes, Li Xiucheng will be able to refine the power of Chaos.,Instead of risking now,It’s better to comprehend the runes on the mask,He is confident in his second palm,Li Xiucheng definitely cannot wake up in a short time,and so,The last nerve of vigilance is completely let go。
Runes on the mask constitute depth,In fact, even Li Tianchou himself doesn’t know how many layers there are,But really‘Perish’When the spirit of invaded the sixth floor,The thin thread of consciousness he reserved will be touched,Will wake myself up,This is the only alarm method Li Tianchou reserved before he fell asleep,regardless‘Perish’It will be triggered if you are immersed in it or forcibly breaking the mask,Left and right are just two possibilities。