Dragon Ball asked cheerfully。

Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“Ok!Now that your work is complete,Then let’s go upstairs to pack up and check out,Then put things in the car,Let’s eat out again”
I’m going back right away,Dragon Ball and Lin Wei are quite happy。The two move very fast,When Xia Jian comes down,They both stood at the front desk and started to check out。
Xia Jian gave the room card and deposit slip to Dragon Ball,He went to the underground parking garage and drove the car out。Dragon Ball and Lin Wei saw that Xia Jian drove a beautiful Bao Shijie,The two girls cried out in surprise。
Put everything away,Xia Jian drove the car,Brought Dragon Ball and Lin Wei to a light meal at a food stall on the side of the road,Then the three drove on the road。
FromGZTo Bucheon,Xia Jian drove by several times,So the route is for him,Still very familiar。Fortunately, three people can drive,Don’t look at Lin Wei is usually gentle,This is a good car,That posture is quite mighty。
Along the way,Except for cheering, they have a rest for a while.,The rest of the time is almost all on the road。And the speed is fast。
After more than thirty hours of running wildly,They finally drove back to Bucheon。
First2563chapter Chance
Because it was midnight when I returned to Bucheon,Xia Jian asked Long Zhu and Lin Wei to return to Yijuyuan’s office with him。He originally wanted these two women to sleep in bed,He just make do with it on the sofa and it will dawn,I didn’t expect these two women to sleep on the sofa。
the next morning,Heiwa, who came to work, found that there was an extra Baoshijie in the company’s parking space.,He was very surprised,So I went to the monitoring room to call up the video,It turns out that Xia Jian drove this car back。
Heiwa said,Jin Yimei and Xi Zhen knew that Xia Jian and the three of them were back together。Considering they came back in the middle of the night,So I greeted everyone,And then go busy。
Jin Yimei and Heiwa are going to run the outreach business,Xi Zhen went to the industrial park again。Xia Jian upstairs slept until more than 12 noon,If it’s not for hungry,He might sleep till night。
Took a bath,When I came out with a change of clothes,Lin Wei and Dragon Ball are also up。These two girls still know the rules,They didn’t use the bathroom upstairs Xiao Xiao,But went downstairs。