Old people may wish to learn more of these four tips

Old people may wish to learn more of these four tips

Older people pay great attention to health, but there is no way to do it without health and education. If you learn the trick, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

Take a look at the following health tips, take a small step and health will take a big step.

  Tuen Mun 1: Frequent sports and strides a lot of old people are always entangled in household chores, feel that they do not have time to exercise, in fact, the movement is between our hands and feet, unless in the process of going to the vegetable market or picking up the children, insist onOxygen health strides forward, and long-term persistence can make your hands and feet flexible and maintain vitality!

  Tuen Mun 2: 枸杞 茶 tea as water to drink in the tea plus some American ginseng and glutinous rice, you can use the nature of American ginseng to taste sweet and cool, adjust the taste of tea, and the effect of western ginseng tonic yin deficiency, and scorpion tea, nourishing anti-aging effect.
  Tuen Mun 3: Cold water wash your face and insist on bathing and washing your face through cold water. You can exercise and improve your disease resistance. If you persist, your body’s resistance will gradually increase, which is good for disease resistance and disease prevention.

  Tuen Mun 4: If you are busy, you have to take a nap. Regardless of the length of time, whether you are asleep or not, it is very beneficial to lie down and close your eyes to recover your physical strength and metabolism.

For some diseases that are self-healing and have mild symptoms, do not take medicine without taking medicine.

For example, if you have a cold, you can dispel it by drinking more water and exercising properly. Then you should not treat it by taking medicine.

  Adhere to these four tips, make sure you look good, look good, and your body is great!