Beijing City Deputy Center Station Transportation Hub showed the first top plate

Original title: Deputy Center Station Transportation Hub showed the first top plate yesterday, the deputy center station integrated transportation hub 01 segment of the East Throat area B2 layers completed concrete pouring.

Our reporter Pan Life’s photo news (Reporter Zhao Yingying) Yesterday, is known as the largest integrated transportation hub in Asia’s largest underground integrated transportation hub.

This is the first top plate that is bright in the sub-center station hub. It will provide basic conditions for the East Sixth Ring Road. It also marks the comprehensive entry into the main structure of the main structure.

  Beijing Urban Deputy Center Station Integrated Transportation Hub is one of the guest hubs of Beijing, Beijing, with an area of ??1.28 million underground construction, consisting of a station core area, a connector area and the throat zone 3. The station structure is divided into 3 floors, covering intercity railways and subway station halls, intercity station waiting rooms and outbound halls, rail transfer space, urban public space and commercial supporting facilities, will become the largest underground integration in Asia after completion. Transportation hub, you can realize the city deputy center of 1 hour, Daxionkin District, 35 minutes directly to Daxing International Airport, 15 minutes directly to the capital international airport.

  This is the first to show the top plate is the 01-section Eastern Throat area, located in the northeast area of ??the entire project.

The general engineering construction is from under construction, first pouring the bottom plate and then replaces upwardly, but the east throat is reverse operation, advanced roof construction, pouring a "cover", and then excavated downward. This construction process also called cover inverse. The construction manager of the construction manager of Beijing Construction Group, the production manager Zhong Yuanji enjoys, because the project needs to occupy the existing East Sixth Ring Main Road, according to the construction arrangement, the East Six Ring will wear underground, some of which will wear some section Transportation hub project. During the construction construction, the existing East Sixth Road occupies a hub construction site, and it is necessary to change it. The changed position is just on the east throat area. "So, we have to grab this top plate first, Loop changes construction provides basic conditions. " How old is the "cover" grabful? It is understood that the first top plate area has a total of 10,000 square meters, and the steel bar is used nearly 5,400 tons, and the concrete is wanted. Next, the east throat is planned to enter the construction of the B3-layer concrete structure, which is expected to complete the B3 layer medium and side wall construction. This means that the main structure segment of the comprehensive transportation hub of the urban deputy center station has entered the main structure construction.

  It is also known that the East Six Ring Road, which is located on the east throat, in addition to the use of the temporary road, will be connected to other roads after the construction of the six-way road, and will serve the city center.

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