As of November 15, Gansu Province passenger transport line recovered nearly 60%

Original title: The province’s passenger transport line recovers nearly 60% of the Gansu Provincial Transportation Science and Technology Communication Center show that as of November 15, the province has 5059 passenger transport lines, and the shutdown is 2085. Restore nearly 60%.

Road transportation: 5,059 passenger transport lines (2085 stops), 15,654 units (7,577 stops), all of which are offline in Lanzhou Province, and the remaining 13 cities (state) provinces The line gradually resumes operation, there is no provincial line in Lanzhou New District; there are 181 provincial lines (181 stops), 321 units of vehicle vehicles (321 vehicles), 4105 tourist cars (operation 182 were used in epidemic prevention or commuter transportation). There are 876 bus lines in the province, and there are 204 bus lines, including Dingxi, Qingyang, Pingliang, Jinchang bus lines have not stopped, and 11 areas are off.

A total of 9,474 buses in the province were a total of 2420.

A total of 40,326 taxis have a total of 15412 vehicles. Among them, the rental vehicles in Pingliang, Qingyang, Lanzhou New District have not stopped; 12 of the 12 provinces are parked. Tan Anli, Lanzhou Daily.