China Youth Report: Their smile is the best business card in the Winter Olympics

China Youth League: Their smile is the best business card for Winter Olympics: Time: December 13, 2021 2008 Beijing Olympic promotional film, volunteer service citizens and international friends’ pictures have been engraved in Dingbo, 6The first time he had a cognition of the image of the volunteers: a volunteer service, the sun is handsome.

"The smile of volunteers is the best business card in Beijing, I also want to become Beijing’s business card through their own smile.

"Become a variety of seeds in Ding Boyang. 14 years later, Beijing will be the first" Shuang Olympic City "in the world for 2022 Winter Olympics, Ding Boyang is dreaming.

He has registered two volunteers in the Winter Olympics. The first time I first applied for the "Volunteer Beijing" platform, the second time, as a student of Beijing Jiaotong University, in March this year, through the campus to become a traffic protection volunteer of the National Gymnasium. . Ding Boyang adheres to every day to prepare for the best physical fitness and spiritual look. Since the global recruitment channel of the Winter Olympics, the global recruitment channel of Winter Olympics, in 2019, it is the main force. Some people have learned volunteers since the 2008 Olympics, I have been on public welfare roads, 4 years of universities, and volunteer service time exceed 300 hours. Some people say, "I grow in Zhangjiakou, because I love this country, I first reported the name, I hope to be intimate, be a good volunteer." Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the volunteer quota is limited, eventually only 10,000 Winter Olympics Volunteers and Wanhong Winter Paralympics volunteers.

Each of the applicants received a thank-you letter from the Winter Olympics, said that "every volunteer applicant is an excellent Olympic spirit and the promoter of volunteerism." Many applicants forward this letter on Weibo. Some people say that this makes their enthusiasm have been respected, the feeling of being cherished, "the details are really warm.

"The first applicant for the volunteers of the Winter Olympics is the senior engineer of China Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. Wang Lei.

He prepared to have a variety of information early, and the volunteers of the collaps were recruited, and he was in front of the computer and completed the registration process.

  Wang Lei is a "Shuang Oly" volunteer. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, during the Paralympic Games, he served as a volunteer of the main news center newsletter of the Paralympic Games, in the "China Window" pavilion in the main news center. Explain China’s historical culture to friends from all over the world. "Every day, the volunteer service I deeply feel the pride of the motherland, and I feel friendly from the world.

"After that, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, 2018 Ping Chang Winter Paralympics has Wang Lei as a volunteer.

"I seem to have a fan, every time I participate in the Olympic volunteer service, just like a milestone of life." Wang Lei said.

  For the 20-year-old Zhang Tianqing, the first participation in the volunteer experience of the Olympic Games made her novel and happy. She is responsible for standing services, which is the longest point in contact with the audience. "No matter how exciting, there will always be a person who is back to the venue." The training teacher told them that although it is very close to the venue, but most of the time they need to face the audience, serve the audience.

  In November, "Meet Beijing" Icebockey domestic test activities, volunteers preien the emergence of emergencies in the standing area: What should I do if I have a ticket dispute? How can Ionic Treatment of Ice Hockey Flying? In Zhang Tianqing’s view, such work requires powerful communication and strain ability, it takes the first time to install, communicate, contact the staff in professional fields of ticketing, medical care, security and other majors. Zhang Tianqing has been an experienced volunteer. She has planned the campus to help plan in the school youth volunteer service group. In the winter morning, there is a take-out little brother in the morning, and the cleaning work is holding a cup of hot porridge. She also celebrates the founding of the Communist Party of China. One of the volunteers at the 100th Anniversary Conference.

On December 5, Zhang Tianqing made a statement by the Winter Olympic Volunteer representative in "Volunteers – 2021 International Volunteer Day Theme Network". She said, witnessed and participating in such a grand meeting, let himself think more about how to better "integrate me into the big me".

  Zhao Ji Bin, a team teacher, who is a team teacher who is a team teacher, the volunteer, the volunteer is an indispensable ring in the operation of the Winter Olympics, and the various corners of the event can see the figure of volunteers. Volunteer activities not only show The background of youth is also a stage of young growth.

  Ding Boyang is deeply understood. He is responsible for the traffic guarantee of the national gymnasium, and every entrance to the venue has a keyboard, which has a bouquet of guidelines. In the Winter Olympics volunteer training, he learned that "the people with disabilities as equality" should be reflected in all kinds of details. For example, before serving the disabled person, you will extend the right hand before, ask if the other party needs; the speed of the pushbox is not very fast, the brake should be smooth. The details of these should provide guidance for his future and persons with disabilities.

  Volunteers in "Small closed" are called "mysterious small teams". They will contact athletes from overseas, technicians or officials in the game, the highest risk, epidemic prevention requirements are also strict: do not use public transport, Do not touch the public, daily nucleic acid detection, point-to-point closed loop management.

Some volunteers in "small closed loop" are worried about influence in the course, and the school has organized students as "volunteers of volunteers", helping them notes, post-counseling courses, solve their worries.

  In November, "Meeting Beijing" Ice Hockey Domestic Test Race last day, a dozen volunteers with teams and teams sit around a circle and exchanged a copy.

"In fact, everyone knows still a few days, but together to do volunteer services, let everyone become familiar with it." Zhang Tianqing said.

She remembers, the atmosphere of that day is very warm, a classmate is in the heart: I have a lot of school exams, the course is very pressing, and there are people who can communicate. The emotions are very low, come to the Winter Olympics venues to do volunteers This week, I have harvested a lot of happiness and happiness, and the whole person re-active.

Author: Zhang Yi Source: China Youth Daily Release time: December 13, 2021.