[How to make spicy soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make spicy soup]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Mala Tang is a very convenient snack. We can see all kinds of Mala Tang on the street. The most important thing is to make soup. Most of the Mala Tang willI choose to use bone soup for cooking. When cooking bone soup, I will use more pork bones, because compared to other bones, pork bones have a lower fishy odor and do not have a big odor.what is it then?

Materials: 2 pork leg bones, 800 g of chicken bones, 500 g of pork ribs, 100 g of salad oil, 8000 g of water, 50 g of tempeh, 20 g of dried chili, 50 g of ginger, 10 g of pepper, 200 g of spicy bean paste,50 grams of brewed wine, 20 grams of granulated sugar, Shaoxing wine 20 ㏄ practice 1.

Pork leg bones were washed and broken; chicken bones and ribs were washed separately and set aside.


Shredded tempeh; cut small pieces of dried chili and set aside.


Put the material in method 1 into boiling water and blanch the impurities, lift it up, wash it with cold water, and reserve.


Take a deep saucepan, add 8000 g of water to the saucepan and add the ingredients of method 3. After heating to high heat to boil, turn to low heat and continue cooking for about one and a half hours, filter out the ingredients in the saucepan and take the soup.

Heat a pot, heat up and add the salad oil, turn to low heat and add the ginger and sauté. Then add Method 2 dried chili segments, and stir-fry the peppers together.


Add spicy bean paste, stir-fry the bean curd powder of method 2 for about 1 minute, add the soup and wine brewing, fine sugar, Shaoxing wine, cook for about 30 minutes, turn off the heat, filter out the ingredients in the pot and take the soup.can.
Material halogen package: 1 pair, pepper 1 pair, tangerine peel 0.

5 two, octagonal 0.

5 two, lilac 1 two, Guizhi 0.

5 two, grass fruit 5 capsules, licorice 1.

5 two, Luo Han Guo 2 capsules, 1 cardamom 1, 2 dried peppers 1, 2 Chennai 1, 2 spice spices: 1 kg, 1 kg of end of garlic, Chaotian pepper powder 8 two, fine pepper powder 1 kg, Sichuan pepper powder 200 g600 grams of bean paste, 300 grams of rice wine, 600 grams of yellow bean sauce, 100 grams of black bean sauce, 1 pound of rock sugar, 4500 grams of broth, 300 grams of chicken flour

Take the pan, add a small amount of oil, and stir-fry the dried chili and pepper.


Continue to the pot, stir-fry after adding spicy spices.


Add Chaotian pepper powder to the pan, stir-fry the fine chili powder, add spicy bean sauce, soy bean sauce and black bean sauce, stir-fry, add broth, seasoning, ingredients of method 1 and 2 and the remaining braised materialsSlow cook over low heat 3?
4 hours is the spicy soup base.