[Baby eat yellow croaker]_ kids eat _ how to make

[Baby eat yellow croaker]_ kids eat _ how to make

Fish is very rich in protein and minerals and other trace elements. It has many benefits for the human body, as well as for babies, so babies are more suitable for eating fish.

Yellow croaker This is a kind of fish with delicious taste and rich nutrition. It is a good material for babies. Because the baby’s stomach is fragile, its edible bacteria cannot be like adults.

Then let’s introduce the baby’s practice of eating yellow croaker.

1. Steamed yellow croaker material: 1 yellow croaker, steamed fish stew oil (or raw soy sauce), ginger, spring onion Practice: 1. Put fish on a plate and spread ginger slices on the fish.

Steamed fish stew in a small bowl.

2. Put the fish and small bowl in the pot and steam over high heat for 7-10 minutes (according to the weight of the fish).

3. After the fish is steamed, pick out the ginger slices, and drain the fishy water from the fish dish.

Spread the shallots on the fish and pour the steamed fish stew in the small bowl onto the fish.

Tip: The steamed fish tastes tender and smooth, and has no fishy smell.

Shave the fishbone clean when feeding it to babies, suitable for babies over 8 months.

Second, milky yellow croaker soup ingredients: 1 large yellow croaker, salt, cooking wine, shallots, ginger, lard, clear water each appropriate amount of practice: 1, the yellow croaker slaughtered, use a knife to cut a few knives on the thick side of the meat.

2. Add lard to the wok. When it is hot, fry both sides of the yellow croaker, cook the cooking wine, cover with a short simmer for a while, add water, spring onion, ginger, and then add salt.5 minutes, when the soup is milky white, pour lard and pour into the soup bowl.

Tips: The yellow flower fish soup is rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins, which has a good nourishing effect on the human body, suitable for babies over 10 months.

Third, small yellow croaker tofu soup material: 1 small yellow croaker, 1 tofu, oil, onion ginger, salt, cooking wine, appropriate amount of practice: 1, yellow croaker scales offal cleansing, tofu cut into pieces of water to the fishy smell.

2. Heat the pan with hot oil and scallion ginger, and fry the yellow croaker slightly.

3. Put 3 bowls of water, boil the cooking wine and tofu for 15 minutes, season with salt.

Tips: Yellow croaker and tofu are calcium-rich foods. This is a calcium supplement, suitable for babies over one year old.