Chen Geng’s answer came out,The room was in an uproar immediately!

No one expected Chen Geng to give such an answer without leaving a trace of face and room.,What is called“Either stupid,Either bad,Either stupid or bad”?This is simply pointing to the noses of those guys and saying that they don’t deserve to stand where they are.?
“Am I exaggerating??”Chen Geng said unceremoniously:“The role of supercomputers in the development of American economy and science and technology is obvious to all,Its role in the development of China’s science and technology, especially in the development of military science and technology, is obvious to all.。
For a country,Supercomputers and even higher-level supercomputers,Is part of the national strategic power,It can even be said to be a national strategic force、The cornerstone of strategic capabilities,High-performance computers in the national economy and people’s livelihood、Aerospace and other fields are playing more and more、An increasingly important role。
As a practitioner in the computer industry,You should have a deeper understanding of the importance of computers in national economic development and technological development than others.,It should be clear that the adults said‘Technology is productivity’,It is a high-level summary and summary of this situation。
Those who talk about the development of high-performance computers,Either you don’t understand at all but you want to come out、Make fame,Either it is unpredictable,Either you don’t have your own ideas and follow others……But no matter what the situation,Say they are‘Either stupid,Either bad,Either stupid or bad’,What’s wrong?”
No one speaks。
Is Chen Geng wrong??
think carefully,There’s really nothing wrong,Like he said,Those who say it is useless to develop high-performance computers,Either you don’t know what a supercomputer can do,Just take it for granted,Then say something eye-catching to earn fame,These people can probably be classified as“stupid”Which type of,just“stupid”With a little bit“Bad”;
Another type of person,They are actually very aware of the important role of high-performance computers in national economic development and technological development.,They say supercomputers are useless,In fact, it is to prevent China from developing its own supercomputer,This kind of person is undoubtedly“Bad”Category;
Finally there are some people,After listening to those eye-catching remarks and those unpredictable opinions,Like everyone else,This can also be classified as“stupid”A class of,This kind of person actually sounds hateful:Very nice person,Why don’t you think about it?
Think so,The experts at the scene felt that Chen Geng’s remarks had been in their hearts:Those bastards,Not accidentally one by one“Either stupid,Either bad,Either stupid or bad”what。