“Qin Feng, don’t move,I put my spiritual power out,Mean you feel it first。”

The ancestor of the Jiang family said,He raised his palm and stretched out slowly,A trace of spiritual power is born from the palm of your hand,These spiritual powers have a hint of red,Gives a touch of warmth。
Qin Feng stretched out his palm and touched these spiritual power threads,Qin Feng’s palm with these spiritual powers slowly,Follow the arm into Qin Feng’s Dan Sea。
Qin Feng did this,I just want to use the Jiang family
Group fire psychic power,Let yourself break through the realm of samurai,These spiritual strength threads enter their Dan Sea,then,Entangled in the embryo of the soul that I have just condensed recently。
Qin Feng broke through his current realm by relying on Beidou7star13The first in the needle3needle,Qin Feng is relying on Beidou7The number one in Star Thirteen3The power of the fire of the dimensity of the needle,And the condensed primordial embryo。
And at this moment,The primordial god embryo in Qin Fengdanhai is growing concisely and slowly。
Qin Feng,And the incubation that cannot withstand this power。
Qin Feng can only temporarily exist this kind of power in Dan Hai,So that he can hatch the embryo slowly after he goes back。
“Qin Feng,How do you feel?”Jiang family ancestor asked。
“Senior, I’m fine,It’s just to feel that your spiritual power is the same as the power attribute of my cultivation, which helps my cultivation grow.,Wait for me to go back and practice for a few more days,You might step into the realm of samurai。”Qin Feng said。
“Qin Feng,If you want to know more about this realm of cultivation,I can help you now。”Jiang Family Patriarch,Caring say。
“Oh,How can senior help?”Qin Feng asked quickly。
Qin Feng just finished,Was caught by the ancestors of the Jiang family。
Qin Feng appeared in the sky instantly,:“This is the Art of the Imperial Sky。”Jiang Family Patriarch,Said to Qin Feng。
Jiang family ancestors continue,Explained:“Waiting for you to enter the realm of cultivation,You will understand,The art of Yukong is a kind of spiritual power,And this use mainly depends on the power of the soul,The stronger your soul,More spiritual power。”