“it is good,it is good,Really great,I also drink so good.,You have to be pure water, I feel better.。”

“Hey-hey,The Ye’s brother feels that I can do the winery.?”
I heard the problem of Li Hui Feng,The swords of the leaves are also calculated.。
“can,Of course it is possible,But I want to let the leaves have recently opened,Waiting for a few months,How about it?”
Ye Shuangzhou’s words,Let Li speak in the wind,He doesn’t understand each other’s meaning.。
“Leaf big brother,There is something else in you.?”
“Hey-hey,Natural,You have recently opened me no time to help you.,But when you have been a few months, I will help you.,And you will feel like a shoulder of this wine later.,Wuliangye。”
This word of the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui is still a letter,After all, he is an ancient law.,Among them, some Chinese herbal medicines have been added.,Although the ingredients are very small,But the role is absolutely a lot.。
And the high alcohol is originally promoted.,Effective effects on treatment of other conditions。
Plus the seed fermentation of Chinese herbal medicine,Treatment of the disease will be more。
He is also very confident.。
“Lee brother,Your winery I don’t enter the share,Let you excite you alone,And I also help you operate,Help you find someone,The premise is that you have to promise me a few conditions.,How about it?”
Seeing Li Hui’s doubtful look,Ye Shuangzhou is also rushing out of his condition。
“Forehead,What conditions?”
It is also known to the people of the leaves of the leaves.,And as long as it is a talent recommended by Ye Shuangzhou,That is definitely elite。
Can have such a person,Li Hui Feng feels directly to take off。
But the other party wants to help, don’t pay this kind of thing.,Li Hui Feng feels some problems。
“Hey-hey,Condition is very simple,After you have to help me several times.,Use your winery to help me a few times.,How about it?”
The ambiguous two can be said,Li Hui has not understood。
“Leaf big brother,Can you tell me a little?,My winery is just an idea.,I didn’t get it,You say that I have some Alexander.。”
“Hey-hey,Don’t have any pressure?,Just remember to promise me this condition.,And you make this wine,Operation, I promise not to be bad than any wine,Even can become a national wine。”
For Ye Shuangzhou, such a confident answer,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
He is not so confident,The other party has died in the wine, the wine is confident.,He feels that the double boat is not drinking.。
“The Ye Big Brother is ready to make me help?”
“this,Can’t say now,This belongs to the sky.。”
Then two people chatted again.。
Originally Li Hui, I want to talk to Shen Tian Si.,But it is blocked by the leaves of the leaves.。
This kind of practice for leaf double boat,Let Li take a fog。
Even if I don’t understand what I have to do.。
Next day,Li Hui Rong has continued to see the progress of the project.,The courtyard has begun to build according to the drawings he give.。
Villa is also started,For the mainstay of the villa, Li Hui Hui Hui has not changed the original structure.,And I changed a way to arrange the gathering。
The greenhouse vegetables in the village are also planted again.。
The entire lotus village is a thriving scene.。
Even some other villages have craftsmanships to learn to sell things on the streets of Zhao Tiezhu early to come to Lianhua Village.。
Basically, it is all eating.。
Fried buns,rice cake,sweet dumpling,chaos,Basically, it is hand-made.。
Facing such a scene,Li Hui is also very high。
Just when he considers how to further accelerate development,Shen Tianzi is called him,It is important to tell him.。
I am very important to hear Shen Tian Si.,Li Hui also dares to neglect。
Directly put down the work in your hands,Go to the town。