Chu Dee people can’t have time“擒 王”,I hurried to Duan Yu:“Three brothers,You go around the cloud、Ye Erd,Your teacher dares to do it, you will whisper him.!”Just greeted the wooden peak that is eager to try。

Chu Deirers at this time,Even if you don’t enter the state of you,It can also be bright with the peak of wood.“One-one”,Hundreds of probability、A probability of defeat——As for another eighth else?Lose weight!
Once you enter an essay state,Basic on the peak of the upper wood“Nine open open”。
Previously fused“Dragon”and“Control crane”,Chu Deirers also do not lack the fuse,Emergency,Chu Deiren directly realized!
Faint feel that Chu Dee’s painting,Although the wooden peak is not the first time, there is this feeling on the Chu Deirers.,But this time has not been handed over.,I feel that he is more difficult to deal with。
Chu Deirers,The blurred sense of internal force stack,It’s just not as good as Qiao Feng.,There is no sound。
I saw that the Chu Deiren did not pull the sword.,Directly in the hands of Kung Fu take the past,Compared to Qiao Feng Dragon Eighteen Palm,Chu Deirers’ dragon cranes are undoubtedly more focused,Also more suitable“Blossom”。
Trojan、Sword also camel……
But I see the strange sword light,It is like a poisonous snake to the Chu Deirers.,And Chu Deirers did not refund。
Between,Sand Tongtian、Hou Tonghai seems to see,Town next to the branches of the venom,A slender slender sleeve,Just in the flowers bloom the most beautiful,Ignoring the poisonous snake explored by themselves,Hand back with a cold back,The wrist hit the poisonous snake mouth,Three fingers、Twist,I will fold the flowers.……
Time perfect,I don’t want to destroy!
But just feel on the wooden peak.,The elbow of his left hand,I have been invisible,See your right shoulders“deliver”When I was in the hand of Chu Deirers,Immediately pull one cat,Head is coming into your own。
On the back“hump”Let the mulberry peak not only acts,And completely don’t work,Shoulder、The range of activities in the neck joint is also affected.,but……Downward,Actually is especially flexible。
Left arm“Longhe big”The force downward,It is actually crossing,I took my own“hump”。
And Chu Deirers have also prepared,Take a little withdrawn,And abandoning the god、Blinking,Simulating Zhu Yuzhen,Poison in the hump of the hump,Not as good as the poisonous sand of Xiaoxiang,And Chu Deirers have a heart,I have a solution.,Just smoked some tears!
Instead, the peak face is pale.——Chu Deer estimated,His hump should not be fake,But what to practice。
However, this electro-optical flame,Hou Tonghai、Sha Tong Tian also reacted,Siege to Chu Deirers,Avoid Chu Deirers to chase the treasure peak。
Two people in Sha Tong Tianmong higher,Many stomewrings,Hand handle,Although the copper sticks with the strong man can’t,But it is obviously a heavy weapon,Hou Tonghai is very characteristic,Three sarcomas on the forehead,Make a three-legged fork,It’s all in the water.……
The two people are not as good as Yue Lao San,If you don’t work,Sha Tongtian or is not weak in the cloud,Hou Tonghai is still worse,However, Zuo Zu, who is more than Chu Deirers.。
If it is a song, the Chu Deirers,Alone with one hand,Three five tricks can be invisible,However, such two people teamed up,Foot can support ten,After all,、Three enemy one,The advantage is still very obvious,The masses of the weakened and one-class,Both is all。
certainly,Three words,It is possible to contain each other、Cover,If it is not tacit,It’s too much to play.。
At this time, the general western summer guard has not been held.,It is also this concern……
If it is on the plain,Horseback riding is still good,In this small temple, there is no hand to open your hands.。
Not in sand、Hou Second is the brothers,Usually, I will join hands to do this in the upstream of the Yellow River.,Although there will be no hit,But at least with tacit understanding!
Although it is difficult to fight,But it has also been supported by the wooden peak.,Tie with three people,Chu Deirers still have the old,Just want to win,I am afraid that I will have a chance.。
The other side Duan Yu and Ye Erdiang、Zhongzhong crane,Just tie……
Yue Lao three really did not shoot,However, this time did not stop the crane in the cloud.。
at the same time,Only listening to Qiao Feng suddenly“duang”A loud noise!
Because QiaofengbgMost,So before the Chu Demen didn’t see it.,It is definitely that Qiao Feng is afraid of an enemy two、There is still hurt,The strongest two people in the past hall,Still large strength。
But this time this is a big ring.,End JoebgCome over……
Chu Deirers at this time,But I want to retreat.,Take time to see the past,But see the Xiaoxiangzi,At this point, holding the coffin,Back to the seven eight steps,Holding the incense before the big Buddha,It’s nothing to hit the Buddha.!