soon,The waiter in front is also to find people with the wind to pick up.。

A young guy with Li Hui Feng,However, it is obviously the same as the children of rural people.。
Non-old age,The feeling of up to 18。
“Little brother,Are you local?”
“Um,My family is Shenjia Village,This is near the New Year, I have a part-time job.。”
This is to let Li Hui have some unreasonable。
In the past, he was in KFC in the big city.,The only part-time job in Starbucks。
But after all, it is a big city.,I never thought that I can meet such a thing in my hometown.。
“Then how much is your day??”
“The boss said to one hundred days.,But you should also see how much guests,Lead a guest to five pieces,At least you want to collect a guest,If you don’t reach this,Can only lead 80。”
The other party is also constantly talking about the rules of the hotel.。
Listen to those rules,Li Hui also has some admiring will will willow。
He feels that the current willow is completely a pair of boards.。
Actually, the rules are the head is the road.。
Look at the young man’s very convinced,Li Hui Feng knows how much the rules of the willow sweet custom。
Spare a circle,Come to the back of the hotel,Then walk along the bluestone road。
About one kilometer away,The young man also introduced one kilometer.。
soon,For the convenience, Li Hui has come to the so-called picking area.。
And it’s all divided。
“These are artificial breeding?”
“Correct,All are artificial breeding wild bacteria,In fact, it is the same as the wild bacteria.,Nutritional value is also the same”The young man came to a small house with Li Hui.,Lead a small basket,Write the number above the basket。
“What is the meaning of this number??”
“Hey-hey,This number is my number,If you pick it up,Whether it is taking away or eating this,It is to prove that I have completed a transaction amount.。”
“As long as it is completed,One of the top two people。”
Li Hui Feng now has some way to admire the willows.。
“How much is this mushroom??”
“One hundred pieces!And this is still the lowest price,If you go outside the market, buy it is a hundred and one pound.,We also have regulations here.,Everyone takes the up to three pounds,Eat unlimited this。”
“It is also a hundred pounds here.,But another needs to pay the processing fee,How much can you eat one hundred pieces?。”
The young man is taking over,Li Hui also listened while picking up。
have to say,Picking mushroom is also a pleasure。
Take a long time in the back of the trees to find out that it will be excited for a long time。
Just find the baby。
Li Hui has a lot of experience with rich experience.。