Baoding, Hebei: In advance, stay in front of day and night to ensure that the masses are safe and warm

People’s Network Baoding On November 11th Recently, Baoding ushered in the first rain and snow cooling weather.

With the decline in temperature, Baoding City has always adhered to the people’s first and continuously improve the basic living security mechanism of the masses to ensure that the city’s urban and rural areas are warm and safe. It is understood that Baoding City Rescue Management Station actively develops "cold winter to send warm" rescue action programs, fully launched the "cold winter to send warmth" rescue action, plug-in to strengthen rescue management services, start "day + night" inspection mode, staff Cotton, food, disposable mask, etc. Temporary people.

Only November 6 to 7 days, the Baoding City Assistance Management Station sent 16 staff, and 10 vehicles were dispatched. , Coat, food and other materials, the next step will take a more secure, safe solution to ensure that the wandering and beggar will safely. Precautions, doing heating work in front, not only the objective requirements of the weather change, but also important content of the basic life of the people, Baoding’s counties (cities, districts) measures, ensuring that the masses are safe and warm.

Gaobeidian cools before the tangle and low-conditioning, and immediately resolved the heating problem of unleucated households and prevent accidents.

At the same time, the city strengthens the maintenance inspection of the low-inspected household facility pipeline, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of heating equipment, and effectively strengthens family fire prevention monitoring inspections, and there is a fire-fighting and early report, and take remedial measures early.

Xu Shui District has been a good job in the midwear for winter, and has established a rescue policy for the heating fee of low-cost in the urban residents. Support, such as in advance, the price of the subsidies will help difficult people to purchase coal to ensure that the masses are warm. In addition, Gaoyang County adheres to the people’s first concept, and puts a good job in winter cold heating, as a standard of testing party history, learning education results, and earnestly let the people warm winter. In the past few days, the county party members cadres entered the village to enhance the difficult people to fully visit the people, in detail the production and living situation of the difficult people, the wall-hung furnace, natural gas pipeline, to guide the use of walls of the wall, ensure safety heating, and Guest supplies such as cotton coats, cotton, rice, face, oil for each household. Up to now, the county has visited a specialist, and there is more than 1600 households, and the condolences are still continuing. Next, Baoding Civil Affairs System will actively do five security work, that is, the basic life of the epidemic, guarantee extreme weather emergency work, guarantee the normal life of the low-compassion family, protect special difficult groups, and protect the masses to self-defense, respective support The service institution arranges special personnel responsible for low temperature, rain, snow weather response, establish a 24-hour duty system and night inspection system, focusing on strengthening night safety inspections, prevent accidents.

It is also taken to arrange the accommodation of accommodating agencies, entrusting special people or villages (residential) committees, and properly solve the safety of housing safety and improving problems in the winter. (Zhang Jihang, Yang Xinlei) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.