2019 Jijie Court Top Ten Reform and Innovation Highlights

The selection activities In 2019, the Fujian Court adhered to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, and implemented the central and provincial party committees, the Supreme People’s Court decision-making deployment, closely revolving the main line of the judicial work, and vigorously strengthened the service overall situation. , Fair judiciary, implementing the new requirements of the "six high" development requirements of Fujian Court, pay close attention to the "Seven Systems" "Seven Projects" "Seven Actions", measures to reform and innovate, condense the gathering to create a brand, effective, highlight Surface, in order to promote high quality development, it is fully superhand, accelerating the new era of new Fujian construction to provide more powerful judicial guarantees. For systematic review, comprehensive display and summary promotion 2019 Fujian Court reform and innovation initiative The "landscape" of the garden, the "one branch" is "one branch", continuously enhance the people’s sense of safety of the people, and jointly launched the "2019" 2019 National People’s Court and Guangming.com "2019 Jiji Court Top Ten Reform Innovation Highlights "Contest.

The public can log in to Guangming.com on December 6, 2019 to December 22, 2019, or pay attention to the "Fujian High Court" official WeChat to vote. After the voting, the Senior People’s Court of Fujian Province, Guangming.com will evaluate the final result according to the voting situation and expert opinion.

Warmly welcome people from all walks of life to participate actively and vote! .