[Snake bed and tea soak]_ 绿茶 _How to red

[Snake bed and tea soak]_ 绿茶 _How to red

Among the Chinese herbal medicines that we are familiar with, there are a lot of Chinese medicinal materials that can be consumed after being burned and cooked in combination with each other, and many of them can also be directly used for soaking in water.

Snake bed is such a Chinese medicinal material that can be drunk with water. Snake bed is also called wild carrot seed, which matures and is harvested in summer and autumn.There must be a therapeutic effect under the cold and wet zone.

Curative effect 1. For treating hemorrhoids, take an appropriate amount of snake bed, add decoction, and use it for fumigation and washing.

2, cure pediatric ringworm sore bed, pound the end, add lard and mix well on the scabies.

If you take off the anus, take a snake bed, one or two of licorice, grind it into fines, and take the water with boiled water, take one dollar each time, three times a day, and use the remaining snake bed to sacrifice the affected area.

3, under the treatment of red vaginal discharge, amenorrhea to take an equal portion of snake bed, orange staff, ground powder, add vinegar, noodles, and marble-sized balls, rouge for clothing, cotton wrapped vagina, change medicine once a day.

4, cure male vaginal swelling, pain and pain at the end of the snake bed, add egg yolk, mix well and apply to the affected area.

5, Zhiyang matter can not afford food therapy She Congzi porridge material: 80 grams of rice, 12 grams of snake bed, white sugar practice: wash the snake bed, put it in a pot, pour water for 10 minutes, then fry the juice and remove the residue; Wash the rice, pour it into a casserole, pour into the bed of snake bed juice, cook porridge, add sugar when the porridge is about to cook, stir well and cook for a while.

Take one dose daily.

Efficacy: 1.

Snake bed porridge can dry and moth and kill insects, warm kidneys and aphrodisiac, premature ejaculation, if the patients with impotence insist on taking it, it can alleviate the disease well.

Anti-trichomonal effect of C. chinensis used for external treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis, but the effect of single-flavored C. chinensis is not good or very weak, and the active ingredients have not been reported.


Compound Snake Bed Suppositories or Lotion works well.

Sexual hormone-like action of Cnidium crassifolia ethanol extract, injected subcutaneously into mice every day for 32 consecutive days, can prolong the estrous period, change the estrous period, and cause the estrous phase of castrated rats to increase uterine and uterine weight, similar to sex hormonesThe effect of this method is to increase the weight of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and levator ani muscles (mouse), and it has been proved that the extract of the snake bed has an androgenic effect and has no corrosive effect on the vaginal mucosa of rabbits.

Antiasthmatic effects: Take equal parts of snake bed, Cuscuta chinensis, Schisandra chinensis, and add honey to put sycamore-sized balls. Take 30 pills each time, three times a day, and serve with warm wine.