Raise the lungs in autumn, pay attention to these small details

Raise the lungs in autumn, pay attention to these small details

Autumn is a season of frequent respiratory diseases. When there is a problem in the respiratory tract, there will be some small problems in the lungs. The early autumn season is a good time to raise the lungs. Let’s take a look at what should be done to protect our lungs, the lungs, the gas, itIt is an important organ of the human respiratory system. We need to breathe at all times. Therefore, the health of the lungs is very important. If you want to raise your lungs, you should know what your lungs are afraid of.

1 The lungs are afraid of bowel movements. Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and the large intestines are connected and closely related.

Specifically, the smoothness of the stool is conducive to the lungs down.

For example, when a child suffers from pneumonia, if the stool does not work, the heat can not be discharged, and the infection and cough in the lungs will be significantly worse.

Therefore, the treatment will take into account the guiding stool, so that the condition is relieved and the course of disease is shortened.

Usually eat more sesame, almonds and other foods, not only can laxative, but also have the power to raise lungs and lungs.

2 The lungs are afraid of dry lungs in the five elements of the gold, and the autumn gas.

The autumn climate is dry and it is easy to consume the body fluid. Therefore, the nose and mouth are dry in the fall, dry cough and flawless, and the skin is dry and cracked.

Autumn health should protect the lungs and yin, eat less spicy products, so as not to aggravate the harm of autumn dryness to the human body.

At the same time, you should eat more honey, white fungus, sugar cane, pear, lily, sesame, alfalfa, almond, soy milk, etc. to moisten the lungs and nourish the Yin.

3 The lungs are afraid of cold lungs located in the chest, and the meridians are connected to the throat and nose.

Cold evil is most likely to cause lungs through the nose and mouth, so that the lungs can not diverge, and the body fluids condense, thereby inducing respiratory diseases such as colds.

Repeatedly, it can cause the body’s immunity to decline, or cause chronic rhinitis.

4 The lung is afraid of heat. The Chinese medicine practitioners say that “the lungs are delicate and dirty”. It is both cold and hot.

After the lungs are heated, they are prone to cough, asthma (bronchitis, pneumonia) and other symptoms. If the lungs and stomachs are hot, it may cause facial acne, rosacea and so on.

5 lungs are afraid of smog, smoke stimulation Chinese medicine believes that the chest is “upper sea”, Dantian is “lower sea”, the reason why the gas can run throughout the body, relying on the promotion of lung gas.

The lungs can also be injected into the cardiovascular system to help the heart drive blood.

The lungs are “clean and dirty”, but the smog, long-term smoking, second-hand smoke from time to time hurts it, causing stagnation in the alveoli, with airway, clear gas can not be inhaled, turbidity can not be discharged, up and down the sea is not circulatingThe blood cannot circulate normally.

6 The lungs are afraid of excessive sorrow, although sadness and sorrow are different, but they are all overlapping emotions.

The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Sorrow is suffocating”, “Sorrowful, suffocating and not doing.”

Explain excessive sorrow or sorrow, most likely to damage the lungs, or cause abnormal operation of the lungs.

Lin Daiyu in “Dream of Red Mansions” is due to long-term sorrow and sorrow, resulting in lung disease.

Therefore, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude is extremely important for protecting the lungs.

How to raise the lungs in the autumn 1 often laughs and laughs with Xuanfei smile, it is just a “good medicine” for treating all diseases, and it is also a “lingon” for promoting young organs in the body, which is especially beneficial to the lungs.

When laughing, or singing, the chest muscles stretch, the thorax expands, and the lung capacity increases, which can promote the exchange of gas in the lungs, thereby eliminating fatigue, eliminating depression, eliminating troubles, and improving physical strength and energy.

2 heavy diet to Run lung Chinese medicine believes that dryness is a yang, easy to hurt the lungs, damage the lungs, so the autumn should pay attention to diet to lungs, lily, white fungus, lynx, yam, autumn pear, lotus, tamping,Fish gills, honey, etc. have the effect of nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, rock sugar white fungus soup, Huangjing Qiuli pear soup, Sydney pear cream, lily lotus rice soup, yam lotus rice soup, yam yam yam, etc. also have the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, and may not harm the common food.

[Old Chinese Medicine Lily glutinous rice almond powder], the raw materials come from all the major quality producing areas in the country, 0 additives, through the scientific blending of grain formula, making it beneficial to the lungs, very suitable for autumn consumption, tight nutrition, brewed grain powder tasteThe fragrance is smooth and smooth.

Warm reminder: This product does not contain sugar. When brewing, you can add honey, milk and other flavors.

3 treatment of nasal diseases to protect the lung epidemiological survey shows that atrophic contraction rhinitis, the incidence of chronic bronchitis accounted for about 90% of the population, the reason is that nasal congestion and other nasal lung symptoms can cause arterial hypoxemia, sleep disorders, decreased lung capacity, etc., leading to pathogenic microbial infections, causing colds, bronchitis or acute attacks.

Therefore, the disease can be effectively protected from the nose.

4 Qingqidao through the increase of industrial pollution through the net lung, air pollution will also increase, the human body inhaled the harm of the air, light can cause bronchitis, alveolar inflammation, severe cases can cause poisoning, or even cancer.

Therefore, in the autumn, you should pay attention to frequent ventilation and ventilation. In the morning and evening, you should choose the air freshening area to actively cough, remove the sediments and impurities in the respiratory tract and lungs, and reduce lung damage.

5 Tongqi Qi to Qingfei Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and large intestines in the surface, constipation can induce or aggravate lung diseases such as chronic bronchial pneumonia, but also can induce senile dementia, cancer.

Therefore, Tongli stool can reduce lung qi, vomit turbidity, prevent aging, cancer, and can cause slow support, cough and so on.

Usually drink plenty of water, eat fresh vegetables and coarse grains, and do more abdominal massage.

People with habitual constipation can be treated with drugs or non-drug therapy in a timely manner under the guidance of a doctor.

The best way to exercise 6 lungs to strengthen the lungs is to exercise properly. Therefore, according to people’s preferences and body differences, choose appropriate exercise methods such as jogging, walking, tai chi, goalball, and practice.Qigong, etc., can improve respiratory function, enhance pulmonary heart circulation, and enhance pulmonary heart function.

7 Drink plenty of water to benefit the lungs at least 500 ml more water per day than in other seasons to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract.You can also “photograph” the water directly into the respiratory tract by pouring hot water into the cup and inhaling it through the nose for 10 minutes, 2 per day.
3 times.

What to eat in the autumn to raise lungs 1 Sydney pears have been honored as “the sect of the hundred fruits” since ancient times, have lungs, cough, eliminate phlegm, reduce fire and other functions.

In the autumn, if the climate is too dry, then thirst, constipation, dry cough, etc.; or due to internal heat caused by polydipsia, cough and phlegm and other symptoms, you can eat more pears.

2 Tremella Chinese medicine believes that Tremella is warm, flat, and sweet, but it can nourish yin and qi, and at the same time it can correct the original and have the effect of clearing the intestine.

Particularly suitable for menopause women to retire.

3 Yam Yam is a perennial herb, rich in nutrients, and the mixture of sugar and protein has the effect of replenishing the spleen and nourishing the stomach, and at the same time has the effect of clearing the lungs and tonifying the kidney.

4 The lactine in soy milk can inhibit the rupture of bronchitis smooth muscle fibers, thereby reducing the burden on the lungs.

Of course, the different soymilk has different health effects, so it can be eaten daily.

5 Lily said that to raise the lungs, lily is indispensable, lily is very similar to our lungs in appearance, and it is one piece, and the taste of lily is also very good, the weather is dry in autumn, people are very easy to dry, moreEating lily has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. Lily is also a very important Chinese medicine.

6 almond almonds have bitter and sweet, but once it is sweet almond or bitter almond, it has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, but if it is like tuberculosis, bronchitis, or not simply eating bitter almonds, sweet almonds are milder.Suitable for all kinds of symptoms of lung heat cough.