The meaning of returning,Instead, he increased his strength,Just take over and hit someone!

The pale thugs seem to be out of control,Hit the man in black directly on the back。
The man in black vomited blood for a while,Just fell to the ground。
“you。”Eight.Always angry,This is provocation!
Dare to take his own hand to hurt someone,This is looking down on myself。
“how do I?I’m not saying you are very good。”
Qin Feng just took the old man and didn’t pay attention,And then increase the intensity,Can do this,but now,This old man is guarded,Obviously we can’t continue doing this,But this does not prevent him from getting angry with this old man。
“it is good,not bad,not bad。”
If it’s good before time,Just appreciate Qin Feng’s courage,Dare to trouble the young master,It’s good for two consecutive sounds now,Is to really recognize Qin Feng’s hand。
At least,He needs to take it seriously!
“I care about you wrong,Do you old guy only say this?”Qin Feng smiled,But there is no idleness under my hands,Just punch it。
Although it looks like a sneak attack,But in fact,Just a test。
“Humph,”The old man smiles without anger,A purple light flashed on my hand,Just pat Qin Feng’s hand away。
“This!”Although Qin Feng’s hand was shaken away,But not injured,He was a little shocked,Because of,This purple energy,Make him a bit,Familiar feeling。
Isn’t this the purple energy of the beautiful boss?