After Sun Monkey heard the words of the short man in white,Come back to me in an instant,Looking at the short man in white who is smiling happily with a calm face,He just now,seem,Been teased?

“Don’t stare at me like that,Stare at me, you can’t hit me,The Five Finger Mountain of Buddha Tathagata,Do you think it’s an ordinary mountain?”
“Aren’t you curious about who i am?it is good,I’ll tell the truth,I am Monkey King,Lord of the Monster Race,Monkey King,Beyond the Three Realms,There are many worlds,And my world,And the world you are in,very similar。”
“You are the other me in this world,I am you from another world,I don’t know how you were in the past,Anyway, the blood that I have killed in the heavens flows into a river。”
“You are because the fairy gods in the heavenly court wantonly slaughter the demons,And I am because there are too many creatures killed in the world,The fairy gods in the heaven can’t stand it anymore,So send a fairy to kill me。”
“But who am i?I am the King of the Demon King, Monkey King,I killed those fairy queens,Just hit the heaven,Killed in heaven for three days and three nights,Countless corpses are scattered all over the heaven。”
“Later, the Lord of Buddhism, Tathagata, Lao Er came,Suppressed me with one palm,Suppress me in an ancient well,One body is sealed,Slightly better than you,Because I can still walk in the ancient well。”
“then,I met a great opportunity,Then I met many strong people,Then a strong man will put me in a heaven in the world,Buddhism,All gone,Mastered the power of the emperor。”
“I was also released by this strong man,Then lead all the demons,Established Yaozu,Now there are millions of people living freely in the territory of Yaozu。”
“As for why I came here,Because I met a monk named Tang Sanzang before,That monk can also travel through the world,Then I heard that after you were suppressed under Wuzhi Mountain,Going to come and see you。”
“You are not the first me to meet in another world,I have been to another parallel world before,It’s a pity that I in that world,After being suppressed for 500 years,Surrendered to Buddhism,Protect a monk from going to the west to learn。”
“Talking about learning from the West,However, the intention of Buddhism,I just want to let all the monsters know that the other me has surrendered to Buddhism,Then let all the monsters come to kill me,Those bald donkeys in Buddhism just need to wait for the rabbit,Can destroy the entire demons。”
“As for your words,I don’t think your ending will be so miserable,because,The world you are in,very powerful,Even if it’s me now,Facing Buddhism Lord Tathagata,Can’t resist even a palm。”
Monkey King looked at him in this world,Said in a leisurely tone,There is a faint guess in his heart,But I don’t know how to say,The Lord of Buddhism in this world, Tathagata, is a sixth-order powerhouse,Could it be that he can’t destroy this world with one palm?
Sun Wukong will definitely not believe it anyway,therefore,I am afraid that the Lord of Buddhism has another plan,And the Lord of Heaven,Do you really think the emperor is weak??Make a big noise?
I’m afraid the courage of the god of heaven,Very big,What are these two Tier 6 powerhouses planning?,Monkey King didn’t dare to assert,He only knows that it is safest for him to wait for the Wutian boss to leave the customs。
“Me in another world?Beyond the original world,So vast,Since you are me in another world,Then why can you come to Wuzhishan with an open mind?”
“I remember those Buddhist disciples have been patrolling around Wuzhishan,And the strength of the Buddha Tathagata,very powerful,I don’t think you have the power to hide from the gaze of the Lord Buddha。”
After Sun Monkey heard the short white man in front of him,,Looking at myself in another world complicatedly,So short,So ugly,He is the Monkey King,How could it be so ugly。
Simultaneously,Monkey Sun is also a little worried,Those Buddhist disciples will not disappear for no reason,The only possibility,It’s that those Buddhist disciples have conspiracy,therefore,Monkey Sun is a little worried about the safety of the short man in white clothes。