Soothing brow,Bai Lu continued:“Disasters in this world always follow one after another,This is the common sense of time。How can I really explain,Someone will come to rescue you?If you can’t sustain the hardship you endure,Can only explain,Your life is just such a degree!”

Finished,Bai Lu tilted her head slightly to look at Xiang Chen,It’s like showing me something,No reservations about Xiangchen。
“Uh……Work between my retirement,very dangerous,Had a life of nine deaths,The situation of ten deaths and no life has not happened before,But I can still be by your side now。”
Analyze your past in front of a person,Not an easy process,How to narrate becomes more bumpy。
When Xiang Chen was talking,Unconscious hands will follow to do some irregular exercises。
“I’m not trying to persuade you to be sunny and cheerful,This goes against your previous life experience。But I want to express,Life is inherently unfair,Someone grows cute,Some people are born without fat,Someone who is born can sit back and enjoy their achievements,I hope you have your own skills,Such as not being defeated by a bad life!”
Touched Bai Lu’s head,Xiang Chen’s tone,Unbearable tenderness。
“An elderly man like you,Do you coax a girl like me??”Bai Lu asked Xiang Chen,No smile on face,But sadness is relieved。
“you?Little girl?”Xiang Chen raised his brows,as expected,Xiang Chen’s actions brought him Bai Lu’s two-finger Zen。
“Dare you talk nonsense,I’ll strangle you!”Bai Lu stared at Xiang Chen,Threatening。
“You might as well be charming,I’m crazy!”Xiang Chen smiled,There was a bad touch on the face。
“Dare you say!”
Bai Lu is about to get angry,But fortunately, Xiang Chen begged for mercy in time,This is considered to have escaped a section,But Xiang Chen never thought,Behind Bai Lu there is a killer move waiting for herself。
“I heard Yangyang say,You and the female police officer surnamed Han failed in the end,Because your mouth is too stupid,Won’t coax people,Now it seems,Not very accurate!”
Seems to be active,Bai Lu deliberately found a topic that Xiang Chen could not avoid。
Xiang Chen is in a convex state,Then he looked at Bai Lu and said slowly:“Yang Yang?I remember you always called her Xiangyang,how?Because of a breakthrough in my relationship,So the relationship between the two of you has also improved by leaps and bounds?”
“Don’t change the subject!Be honest!”Bai Lu deliberately made a fierce look,For Xiang Chen’s change of topic,Not accept it at all。
“She should not dislike me,I don’t hate her either,Then under everyone’s instigation,I’ll confess,There was a little episode in the middle,Was cut off by police officer Han’s colleagues!”Xiang Chen smiled awkwardly,This is definitely a failure in a man’s emotional history,Now speak out in front of Bai Lu,A little embarrassed。
“That police officer Han doesn’t like you?”Bai Lu asked。