“About to start!”Yu Shi held Ji Yunfeng’s hand and whispered,Excitement that can’t be concealed in the tone。

It’s not the first time she sits in the first row to watch a concert,Every time I can go, I’m not happy this time,I don’t know if it’s because Ji Yunfeng is by her side。
Ji Yunfeng handed her the light stick prepared in advance,Two each。
The audience’s comments behind him stopped instantly,Everyone holds their breath。
The first one to appear is popular star Ren Jialin,He became famous for starring in a costume drama,Gained a lot of fans。now,On stageLEDScenes from the play are displayed on the big screen,Ren Jialin is wearing the costume in the play,Dangling coercion from the sky above the stage and landing handsomely。
The fans at the scene screamed,Waving the fluorescent board with Ren Jialin’s name in his hand,Shout“Ren Jialin,I love you!”
Yu Shi is used to such a star chasing scene,Not surprised。What surprised her was,Ren Jialin sang a few lines of the theme song on the stage in a costume,Then two dancers covered him with an antique curtain,Wait for him to come out again,No longer wearing costumes,But a well-tailored suit。
Yushi has to admit,This design is very special。
Ren Jialin,No matter what kind of dress is handsome。
Yu Shi suddenly had an idea,If Nanao Yaju invites Ren Jialin to attend the opening ceremony on the opening day,Will the sales volume be better than expected。
The next shows are very exciting,time flies,The concert is coming to an end in an instant。
Follow the program,It will end with three more songs,Ji Yunfeng took out his phone,Put it in the ear of Yushi and say:“Poetry,There is something in my company,Go out and make a call。”
Yu Shi smiled and nodded to him,Keep waving the light stick and listen to the song。
She heard Wu Zesheng say,The finale of the show was carefully designed by the organizer,Very creative。She is looking forward to,What kind of show is it,Can get such a high evaluation from Wu Zesheng?
First58chapter We are in love
Yu Shi stared at the stage expectantly,Waiting for the last singer to appear,Familiar music sounds,The audience in the audience burst into fanatical shouts。
Slowly,A man emerges from the elevator platform,Gorgeous、A stage suit,Makes his figure more leaning、tall and straight。