Two people go high,Killing difficulties in the hospital,Swords and horizons,Surrounding house,Sword is compressed by Feng Rui,Call at any time。
Liao Wenjie set red line,Watching the two people,Heart is full of doubts。
Black Swordsman broke,Named by Yan Bixia,It is in Lanui,Hook up by the head,Then the tragic death of the Xiahou swordsman under the demon。
So the problem is coming.,This goods are so fierce,How can I die??
Is it a first battle? Cabernet,Playback card,Continuously catching the sore legs,Only by the tree demon 姥?
In the hospital,Yan Chixia is gradually occupying the wind,sweep、tease、point、prick,Exquisite sword is endless,Press Xia Hou Jianke after step by step。
Xia Hou sword passengers do not want to show weakness,Soldiers will stop,Water to cover the earth,Black sword,Define。
He sees a trick,Although the sword is open,Far is not as fine as Yan Baxia,It’s winning、allow、Three words,From time to time, I will fight for injuries.,Let Yan Chiger are quite jealous。
Dozens of rounds,Yan Bixia Feng Yun,Xia Hou swordsman breathing rapidly,If you press,Understand out。
but,Xia Hou swordsman is uncomfortable,Master passed the recruitment,He doesn’t believe that Yan Chinensia is a bit of flaws.。
Two people separated from ten meters,Sword is far away,The eyes swept through the other person’s major,Fight with swords。
Roll up,锵 剑鸣 continued。
Suddenly there is a hurricane,Full yard of the dead leaves,Xia Hou swordsman after the brain,Long-haired rope break,The hair is released in the original place。
“Xia Hou brother,You lose again。”
“Not yet,I can fight!”
“Also,Let you lose your mind oral……”
Play now,Xia Hou Swordsman Atmospheric Disorders,Yan Biai, more and more,Two people holding swords,I can’t move, I don’t move.,No one is ranking。
Falling leaves,Instantaneous moments that are blocked by the two people,Xia Hou swordsman suddenly violent,Sprint to Yan Biai,Sword light whistling,Herd it is divided into two。
Sword is toast,Xia Hou looked at the front of the sky,愣 愣 原,正 正 正 回,The back is a cold,Hold by Yan Biansia to stay in the sword。
“Xia Hou brother,Your heart is not enough,The more the sword is getting more,Sword recruits are getting messy and messy,Even you can win me in the early days,I can’t persist in the last。”Yan Chixia is good to comment。
“Wonderful,Thank you Danyang brother pointing!”
Xia Hou Jianke‘Thank you’,Black sword into the sheath,Square meteor is going out of the door:“You wait,I will definitely come back.。”
“Unlucky,This can’t be treated.。”
Yan Chixia is suffocating,Hiddenly exposed,The challengers in the future are certainly endless,Plus, pick up the teacher,There is no door to watch,He decided to move now。
“Yan Hexia,Who is the murdere??”
Liao Wenjie inquiry,A face confusion,He first saw Xia Hou Swordac,I really don’t know the identity of each other.。
“When you meet, you will play.,I am not familiar with him.,I only know that he is surnamed Xia Hou.。”
Yan Biansia shakes the head:“I met him seven years ago.,He died, I didn’t put it.,Where can I avoid?,Where did he chase?,Now I have been found by him.,It’s really troubled.。”
“Why do he chase you??”
“This is a little longer.……”
Yan Bixia’s lips,Sigh:“I am a capture when I am young.,And the people in the rivers and lakes are frequent,Learn a skill,Sword method is increasing,More and more bad people。gradually,Some people don’t have a good idea,Give me an easy‘The first sword in the world’Famous head。”
“Since then,I am going to check the case every time.,There will be people in the rivers and lakes to provoke,I will defeat them one by one.,Reputation is getting bigger and bigger,‘The first sword in the world’The more the name is more and more stable.。”
“later,The number of masters lost to me,The world’s first famous component is full,Make people in the rivers and lakes,Xiahou is one of them……”