China citizens were abused in Moscow? I responded in the Russian Embassy

People’s Network Moscow February 29th (Quai Li Mingqi) According to the official website of China in Russia, with the development of new coronal pneumonia, Russia is increasing. Previously, the Russian direction was put forward in the Russian Embassy, ??hoping that the Embassy helped persuade China’s China’s Russia students to postpone the school after March 2.

But there are still thousands of international students insist on returning. With a large number of Chinese citizens entering Russian, Russia believes that the entry of the epidemic is intensified, so further measures are further taken. Chinese citizens who work, private visit, learning and travel visas from February 20th. The Temporary Epidemic Prevention Measures that Russia for the prevention and control of the Epidemic should be respectful.

The Embassy has previously called on Chinese citizens to consciously isolate 14 days after entering the country in accordance with Russian epidemic prevention.

After the Moscow Municipal Government takes a series of strict epidemic prevention measures, the Embassy has made a lot of work through the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Department (the Epidemic Administration), the Moscow Municipal Government.

The Russian side emphasized that the measures taken are not only for Chinese citizens. The Embassy noticed that the Russian law enforcement department also conducted an epidemic prevention examination for the national citizens and other citizens, and the staff workers were also inquired.

It is understood that Moscow City law enforcement officers generally enforce the passport to confirm that the entry time is over 14 days. For example, Chinese citizens encounter excessive law enforcement or encounter unfair treatment, please reflect the embassy.

The Embassy will effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

The Moscow Municipal Government passed inspections, and 80 Chinese citizens who were suspected of violating the self-isolation were isolated in the designated location of the Suibano Recovery Center.

Embassy consular officials went to condolences and sent food, fruits and other condolences and life necessities, and asked Russia to take all measures to provide good isolation and living conditions. It is understood that there is a basic guarantee in isolation location.

The Embassy Light Overseas Chinese, the Education Office maintains close communication with the person in charge of the Russian Federation and the local authorities, and understands the legal basis and specific facts of Chinese citizens, contacting the hotline of the isolation personnel, appeases the emotions, and provides the necessary consuls Services and legal aid, the follow-up part is sentenced to the progress of citizen cases and appeals.

Recently, the Embassy noted that individuals from the media said that Moscow police violent law enforcement, abuse of isolation, and taking Chinese citizens for no reason. The embassy is highly concerned about this.

After verification, this rumor is not true.

The people who were taken away by the police were suspected of violating the Russian epidemic prevention, and the isolation site was not only Chinese citizens, and there were Russian citizens and other national citizens. Among medical observation, Chinese people only account for about one third.

After verification, rumors and recent Chinese citizens were taken by the infected coronaviruses. Russian law enforcement agencies are severely punished against all people who violate epidemic prevention, including Russian citizens. A few days ago, a Russian female citizen in St. Petersburg fled from isolation, and was forced to bring back to isolation and punish according to law. The Embassy reminds all Chinese citizens to do not rumors, don’t believe, don’t pass. (Editor: Jia Wenting, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.