Banned autumn species, two-hand high quality promotion agricultural production

  In the past few days, Fengtai County Liu Ji Town absorbed the lessons of the previous year, one hand grabbed the autumn, and grabbed the straw banned, concentrated the clearing the land, the Tong River Dam and other temporary accumulation and straws Do not relax.

  It is understood that Liu Ji Town is planted, wheat sowing, and the winter vegetable planting work has been fully launched, but the straw bumps have also entered a critical period, especially in the temporary stack, scattered in the field, the straw in the roadside trench, if it is not timely Proper and clearing the storage, still incinerating the great hidden dangers, the treatment is not appropriate to make the whole year’s good ban before work. To this end, the town demanded the town resident (community) banned working group, the village cadres should not leave the post, and maintain 24-hour communication smooth, according to the actual situation of this village (community), actively organize personnel, vehicles, plus Tagou, Tang Work next to the road and orchestra, transport the scattered straw to each village (community) temporary yard, and strengthen the fire prevention work of the temporary quotation.

Increase straw storage and storage, ensure wheat, rapesets and various winter vegetables to sow, and require the town’s agricultural skills to guide high-quality wheat sowing, winter greenhouse vegetables, etc., ensuring high quality completion of this fall agricultural production task .

(Reporter Fu Rong correspondent Liu Jiajun).