China and Vietnam will be held "Peace Rescue

People’s Network Beijing December 1st According to the Health Bureau of the Military Commission’s Logistics Support Department, our army will send a Weiqian team that is composed of 84 people. From December 6th to December 12th, we will go to Nanni Street, Guangning, Vietnom, December 6th. Joint "Peace Rescue-20121" Weiqian Joint Exercise with the Vietnamese People’s Army. This is the first organizing of the Sino-Vietnam, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic has taken the first time in China to build a joint exercise in the overseas business.

In this exercise, the overnrocessing team will jointly carry out training tasks, joint on-site rescue, batch wounded disposal, joint epidemic prevention and control, and promote the joint action, emergency response and collaborative ability of the two military guards, Share the experience of the two military commandments, deepen the anti-vaginal exchanges and cooperation between the two army, and improve the ability of the two silents to jointly rescue and disaster reduction. The exercise, our military participation strength mainly pumped a group from the 920th Hospital of the Lianyi Forces Department of Lianyi Forces, participating in the officials and soldiers with major training tasks, international peacekeeping and other guards, professional and technical And the ability is excellent in quality. The Vietnamese participation team is based on the Vietnamese People’s Army Traditional Medicine, the Military Medical School, the 108 Army Central Hospital, the third military zone, etc., about more than 400 people. China will carry a new generation of wild war tent hospital system, field ambulance, health and anti-preventive car and other new hygiene equipment, used to open our military secondary hospitals, forming a new result of our military anti-vHealth and field first aid.

This exercise is the actual actions of cooperative exchanges on the basis of China and Vietnamese two military security strengths in 2018 successfully organized border joint clinics.

In August 2018, China and Vietnamese Danjun’s strengths successfully in Fuzhuang County, Gaoping County, Vietnam, Longzhou County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture, Guangxi Province, launched a border joint clinic, providing patrol, inside for 4,100 people in the border areas of the two countries. Specialist diagnosis and treatment services, issued more than 4,800 health mission materials, 2300 supplies of drugs.

In recent years, the Chinese military health system has actively carried out cooperation between foreign exchanges, successfully completing the number of health support, medical clinics, aid and anti-Egypt, emergency disaster rescue, United Nations peacekeeping operations, etc., to obtain the international community and The welcome and recognition of the relevant people.

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