Country Beidou Navigation Location Service Data Center Ning Xia Division Center in Yinchuan

National Beidou Navigation Location Service Data Center Ningxia Division Center Unveiling Ceremony.

People’s Daily News Zhao Mo Shu People’s Network Yinchuan On August 20 (Zhao Mo) On August 20th, 2021 Online Silk Road Conference – Digital New Infrastructure and National Digital Lifting Forum held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. At the meeting, the national Beidou Navigation Location Service Data Center Ningxia Division was unveiled.

In the future, the Beidou Ningxia Center will focus on the construction of time and space, business data sharing with intensive construction, ability to share, and data sharing, to achieve time and space data services of various industry, things, and material full factors. It is reported that in April this year, the National Beidou Navigation Location Service Data Center Ningxia Division has passed the national preliminary acceptance, and it has become a provincial-level Beidou Sub-center of the third completed acceptance in the country.

At present, Beidou Ningxia Center is closely towed around the ecological protection and high quality development of the autonomous region, fully integrates natural resources, high scores, transportation, weather, emergency industries, and space in the sky. Data service is the core, building Ningxia Tongli-integrated integrated information service system, providing Beidou high-precision position navigation, timing, short message, remote sensing, and geographic information services.

It is understood that Beidou Ningxia Center will provide Beidou Time and Space Data Resources Service, Beidou Time and Space Data Sharing Service. In the transportation industry, Ningxia can re-serve, bus, rental, webmark, shared bicycle, sanitation, etc., which can provide transportation logistics, network freight providing Batou’s high-precision positioning and traceability services. In the field of special agriculture, the special agriculture in the field of 枸斗, red wine, cows, using Beidou + remote sensing technology, can carry out wisdom in agricultural machinery navigation, precision operation, animal husbandry, drone plant protection, pest disaster prevention, soil monitoring, meteorological data services, etc. Agricultural applications, improve production efficiency, reduce human cost, and optimize industrial structure. In the field of water supply and drainage, smart gas, wisdom, smart fire, integrated pipe gallery, hazardous chemical supervision, etc., based on "Beidou + GIS + Remote Sensing Map" capability, you can provide comprehensive urban lifeline perception, warning for government departments. , Emergency command and other services, real-time sense of urban operation and ensure urban security.