CBA Yas: Liu Xiaoyu’s research on Wu Pan defensive research very much, Li Muhao will get better and better

Beijing Shouguna defeated the Zhejiang team 89 to 81 on the 8th, and they have two consecutive victories. After the game, the head coach Yasis made a comment, he thought the team was very sustainable in the defensive side, and it was also very smart at the same time, and found the right offensive opportunity.

He revealed that Liu Xiaoyu has done a deep study for Wu’s defense before the game.

Yasis said: In many ways, we have done a lot in many ways, and the defensive end has been very strong, and it is very patient and smart. Our rebounds in this game are very good, win the opponent. At the same time, there are many ways to default, limit key players. The first steel team restricted the other party’s key player Wu before, they only let him get 15 points. This is a great role in the defense of Liu Xiaoyu. Jasis revealed that Liu Xiaoyu was very transparent to the front of Wu Qi before the game, which is also an important reason why he can limit his opponent.

Li Muhao fell out in this game and got a large two pairs.

His recent performance was also commented after Jenis game. He said: I have known Li Muhao very early.

I have been asking myself why Li Muhao can’t get better and better? I think it is a victory that only him is better than the last game. Today, he can go back to the mirror, I am defeated myself, if he can do this every day, he will definitely get better and better, and the team will benefit.

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang edited / Zhang Yingchuan.