The pharmacological knowledge of safflower has an effect

The pharmacological knowledge of safflower has an effect

This safflower is not a “red flower”, safflower is often matched with small characters, but the effect and effect of safflower is not small at all. The ancients often have blood in the body, often with a small safflower: gauze bagBoil can be used twice a day to soak feet, for a variety of varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, blood circulation.

  Safflower is the flower of the safflower of the Compositae.

Also known as saffron, grass safflower, red and blue flowers, red flowers and so on.

Sexual taste, warm heart, heart, liver.

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

It can cure blood stasis and amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, symptoms, dystocia, bruises and pain.

Modern clinical studies have found that safflower can treat a variety of skin diseases.

  Pharmacological action 1, the effect on smooth muscle: decoction on mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs in vitro uterus and intravenous injection of 0.

24g / kg for dogs and other animals in the body uterus and the above-mentioned animal’s isolated intestines are excitatory, so that the uterus produces tension and rhythmic contraction, more obvious to the pregnant uterus.

  2, the role of cardiovascular: on the isolated heart and rabbit in situ heart, small doses of decoction can enhance the contraction of the heart, large doses have an inhibitory effect.

Water extract and safflower injection can increase the coronary flow in the canine heart, improve the hypoxia tolerance of mice, and increase the myocardial nutrient blood flow in mice.

The water extract can significantly reduce the blood pressure of anesthetized cats and dogs.

  3, the impact on the blood: safflower injection, water decoction, safflower derivatives, safflower derivatives have a significant inhibitory effect on rat thrombosis in vitro; decoction rat test has inhibition of platelet aggregation and anti-internal, the function of external coagulation.

  4, immune function: safflower polysaccharide test in mice, can promote lymphocyte transformation, increase the number of spleen cells on sheep erythrocyte plaque forming cells, against the immunosuppressive effect of prednisolone.

  The efficacy of safflower treatment conspiracy: safflower, Daqingye, Banlangen 9 grams each (6 grams of safflower under 12 years old), licorice 3 grams, Shuijianbi, one dose per day, one month for a course of treatment.

If there is an itching in the second course of treatment, Daqingye uses up to 12 grams, usually 1?
3 courses can be cured.

  Treatment of skin itching: raw scorpions, peach kernels, safflower, almonds, etc., research fine, add appropriate amount of borneol, use Vaseline or honey to make a paste.

When used, spread into a cake and stick directly to the umbilicus.

The topical dressing is covered and fixed, and the dressing is changed once a day.

  Treatment of corns: 3 grams of safflower, 6 grams of ground bone, research fine, add appropriate amount of sesame oil, flour into a paste, sealed for use.

When you use it, cut off the old skin of the affected area first, then spread the medicine on the affected part, wrap it with gauze, and change the medicine once every two days.

  Treatment of hemorrhoids: 10 grams of safflower, salvia, and Chuanxiong, plus 50% ethanol 500 ml, sealed for more than one month.

When using the solution, filter out the solution and apply 4 times a day.
6 times, quite effective.

You can also use 3 grams of safflower, soak in 100 ml of cold water, soak for two hours in winter and half an hour in summer.

Take 4 ml of leachate on the palm of your hand, gently rub the area of the ulcer sore, every 10?
15 minutes.