[Quick pickled radish]_ pickled radish _ pickled fafa _ how to marinate

[Quick pickled radish]_ pickled radish _ pickled fafa _ how to marinate

There are many ways to pickle radishes, but as long as you choose to use radishes for pickling, this kind of radishes will have a larger moisture content and will be more crispy to eat.At the same time, add some white sugar and some peppers to the salted salt water. The red chopped peppers are used, but they become more colorful and will be easier to taste.

How to pickle a radish, a radish, a raw white radish, peel and wash it, and cut it into a strip that is as thick as a little finger.

White vinegar 1 bottle of white sugar content (about 2, 3 or so) Homemade brewed pepper (also called red chopped pepper) Moderate amount of radish 1.

You can use a wide-mouth glass bottle or a vegetable jar, as long as the container can be sealed, it must be cleaned.


Use a small amount of salt to grab the white radish pieces, and then dry them in a cool, ventilated place.


Pour the white sugar and white vinegar into the kimchi bottle (you can add licorice to taste if you can), and then, depending on the water level and taste, you need to add more boiled water.


The concentration and taste of the sauerkraut jar need only be slightly heavier than your favorite!


Add the white radish to the soup, cover it, and wait a few days (about three days in the fall) before serving.


After picking the white radish strips and putting them on a plate, mix the right amount of homemade chili peppers (also called red chopped peppers) in it, which is sour, sweet, spicy and crispy, so delicious!

Ingredients for dried hot and sour radish: 150 grams of dried white radish, 4 grams of MSG, 15 grams of sesame oil, 75 grams of boring vinegar, 50 grams of red oil, 5 grams of white sugar, and 10 grams of Sichuan salt.

Introduction of hot and sour dried radishes: dried radishes were prepared in rural areas in the early years to deal with the off-season and small dishes.

The dried radishes are cooked into hot and sour flavors, sealed in bags, and loved by eaters.

Features of hot and sour dried radish: slightly salty and sour, fresh and refreshing.

The radish is dry cleaned, boiled in boiling water, boiled, squeezed, squeezed out some water, mixed with Sichuan salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, vinegar, red oil, marinated for 10 minutes.

Essentials of making hot and sour dried radishes: dried radishes should not be cooked and dehydrated, and the dried radishes should be squeezed to remove the right amount of water.