The old man protects your spine well

The old man protects your spine well

Whether there is any problem with the spine can be judged from the degree of wear of the heel of the shoe. If the wear of some heels is always far more than the other, the spine is not correct.

If you gently tilt your head back, then try to turn left, then turn forward, then turn to the right and hear the “squeaky” sound of the cervical vertebrae and feel the neck and shoulders are sore and stiff, indicating a problem with the cervical spine.

These exceptions suggest that you should correct your spine.

  In fact, the method of maintaining the spine is simple and easy, and the key is to persist.

Here are two small ways to maintain your spine.

  Prone to relax on the prone bed, the forehead is attached to the bed, the arms are placed on the side of the body, and the palms are upwards.

  Then the two arms start to tilt forward from the body side, stop at the top of the head (straight line with the torso), and the palms are down.

Close your eyes, relax your body, adjust your breathing to become natural and rhythm, focus your consciousness on your breathing, and meditate on “1 suction”, “1 call”, “2 suction”, “2 call”, keep this position 5Minutes far away.

  Prone relaxation can restore the relaxation of the spine, shoulders and waist, so that the entire physiology is relaxed, lumbar disc herniation, neck stiffness, hunchback and so on.

  Flying swallows are lying on the bed, with the abdomen as the support point, raising the head, chest, and stretching backwards, while lifting the thighs, calves, and feet, so that the head and legs are lifted up and swallowed, keep it for 5 seconds, put down the head., arms, legs, body relax and rest for a while, then repeat the above actions 15 times.

Can exercise the cervical spine, lumbar vertebrae.

Increase the softness of the tendon.