“This is for your boss!”Eight.Always see bad,Hurriedly called,He knows Qin Feng、And the strength of the old nine,This gap,It’s really not small!

But say it,Qin Feng’s figure stopped,but,Seems to be late。
Because of the punch,Has turned into energy,Hit the Guro。
“puff。”Spit out blood directly,Guro was beaten out directly。
This is Qin Feng’s angry blow,Of course it’s better than usual。
Several other people saw Qin Feng so fierce,Unconsciously took a breath,Eight.Good old,But his face was shocked,Although he has placed Qin Feng at a high altitude,but,Still a little underestimated!
Here,The Five Elders didn’t pay attention,But still staring at the purple bug,This is the hard work of his life!
Naturally, there can be no negligence。
Wu Lao waved his right hand casually,A wound appeared on Yang Yinyin’s jade finger,The purple bug got in immediately,Extremely fast。
When the purple bug got into Yang Yinyin’s body,Yang Yinyin’s whole body is full of faint purple halo,Really good-looking,Add a layer of charm to the appearance of the country and the city。
“This……”Yang Yinyin couldn’t help but yelled,His whole body is extremely comfortable,It seems to have recovered from a serious illness,The whole person is rejuvenated,Is that a coma state?,It seems that there is no general。
“Little girl,Don’t move,Just started now,It will take a few minutes,Can be completely good,this matter,I’m wrong,Shouldn’t,Give you gu。”Wu Lao smiled slightly,Like an apology。